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The Laing Award from the University of Chicago Press

Catalog Titles

Books Published in 2014

    Digital Paper
    Happiness and the Law
    Comics & Media
    Outside the Box
    Wrong-Doing, Truth-Telling
    Lies, Passions, and Illusions
    The Common Cause
    The Social Lives of Forests
    The Myth of Achievement Tests
    The Supreme Court Review, 2013
    The Trilobite Book
    Between History and Myth
    Iberian Imperialism and Language Evolution in Latin America
    The Other Renaissance

    Books Published in 2015

      Jazz Worlds/World Jazz
      The University of Chicago
      Other Things
      The Calling of History
      Integrating the Inner City
      Heidegger’s Confessions
      Great Transformations in Vertebrate Evolution
      For Dignity, Justice, and Revolution
      Making Modern Japanese-Style Painting
      Judicial Reputation
      The Supreme Court Review, 2014
      Preserving the Spell
      The Future of Healthcare Reform in the United States
      Negative Certainties
      Image Science
      Side Effects and Complications
      Boundaries of the State in US History
      More than Lore
      Corporate Social Responsibility?
      Ambiguities of Domination

      Books Published in 2016

        Processual Sociology
        Green Victorians
        Affective Circuits
        The Supreme Court Review, 2015
        Network Aesthetics
        Quantifying Life
        Naïve Readings
        On Knowing--The Social Sciences
        On the Happiness of the Philosophic Life
        Political Philosophy and the Challenge of Revealed Religion
        The Five Life Decisions
        Doing Style
        Philanthropy in Democratic Societies
        Debating Darwin
        Kuhn’s ’Structure of Scientific Revolutions’ at Fifty
        The Complete Tragedies, Volume 1
        The Complete Tragedies, Volume 2
        A Democratic Theory of Judgment

        Books Published in 2017

          The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Gershom Scholem
          Mood, Aspect, Modality Revisited
          Varieties of Social Imagination
          Cul de Sac
          Science in the Archives
          Measuring Entrepreneurial Businesses
          The Supreme Court Review, 2016
          Biological Individuality
          Thinking Through Methods
          The Mana of Mass Society
          The Ambitious Elementary School
          The Outward Mind
          The Philosophical Hitchcock
          What Philosophy Wants from Images
          The Pursuit of Harmony
          Latin America

          Books Published in 2018

            Confronting Torture
            Shaping Phonology
            Serious Larks
            Building the American Republic, Volume 2
            Ghosts in the Schoolyard
            An Anthropology of the Machine
            How to Save a Constitutional Democracy
            Animal Labor and Colonial Warfare
            The Supreme Court Review, 2017
            On Art
            Apples and Oranges
            On Descartes’ Passive Thought
            Thinking Through Statistics
            Visions of Cell Biology
            Enchanted America
            Hegel’s Realm of Shadows
            Organizing Democracy
            Last Resort
            Reluctant Landscapes

            Books Published in 2019

              Stories of Tonality in the Age of François-Joseph Fétis
              The Phantom Image
              The Voice as Something More
              Slices and Lumps
              The Patchwork City
              Battle in the Mind Fields
              Film, Music, Memory
              Redefining Success in America
              Dangerous Counsel
              Sovereignty, Inc.
              Dark Lens
              Filmed Thought
              The Republic of Color
              Ribbon of Darkness
              Maimonides’ "Guide of the Perplexed" in Translation
              The Supreme Court Review, 2018
              Authoritarian Apprehensions
              Group Actions in Ergodic Theory, Geometry, and Topology

              Books Published in 2020

                Civic Gifts
                Two Menus
                Signs of the Americas
                States of Exception in American History
                Narrowing the Channel
                Chicago Apartments
                Coming To
                Presidents, Populism, and the Crisis of Democracy
                Experimental Games
                Mental Traveler
                Sun Ra’s Chicago

                Books Published in 2021

                  The Climate of History in a Planetary Age
                  Objects in Air
                  Gathering Medicines
                  Fragile Finitude
                  Truth and Veridicality in Grammar and Thought
                  Innovation and Public Policy
                  The Bonds of Inequality
                  Domestic Georgic
                  A Brief Apology for a Catholic Moment
                  What is Nietzsche’s Zarathustra?
                  Cultural Disjunctions
                  Philosophy by Other Means
                  An Education in Judgment
                  The Escape
                  Capitalism and the Emergence of Civic Equality in Eighteenth-Century France

                  Books Published in 2022

                    Rethinking Hypothyroidism
                    The Last Consolation Vanished
                    Untying Things Together
                    Casanova’s Lottery

                    Books Published in 2023

                      New Earth Histories
                      Working the Difference
                      The God behind the Marble
                      The Science of Reading
                      Unmaking Waste
                      Vincent’s Arles
                      An Epidemic of Uncertainty

                      Past Laing Award Winners

                        A Sense of Things
                        England in 1819
                        Truth and Beauty
                        Florence in the Forgotten Centuries, 1527-1800
                        Of Revelation and Revolution, Volume 1
                        Of Revelation and Revolution, Volume 2
                        History of Religious Ideas, Volume 1
                        History of Religious Ideas, Volume 2
                        History of Religious Ideas, Volume 3
                        Ghosts in the Schoolyard
                        Opera and Sovereignty
                        The Passing of an Illusion
                        Reason and Morality
                        Political Epistemics
                        Divas and Scholars
                        Against Prediction
                        The History
                        The Last Half-Century
                        The Human Career
                        Modernity on Endless Trial
                        Asia in the Making of Europe, Volume I
                        Asia in the Making of Europe, Volume I
                        Thinking Biblically
                        The Social Organization of Sexuality
                        Theorizing Myth
                        The Rise of the West
                        Music, the Arts, and Ideas
                        House of Debt
                        Picture Theory
                        What Do Pictures Want?
                        Tough Enough
                        Neighboring Faiths
                        Ancient Mesopotamia
                        The Romantic Conception of Life
                        The Tragic Sense of Life
                        Time and Narrative, Volume 1
                        The Hollow Hope
                        Culture and Practical Reason
                        How "Natives" Think
                        Down, Out, and Under Arrest
                        The Social Order of the Slum
                        I Speak of the City
                        Evolution and the Genetics of Populations, Volume 3

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