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Read a collection of free research in policing, civil rights, and racial justice

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Read a collection of free research in policing, civil rights, and racial justice

These articles were selected in collaboration with editors of our social science, history, and humanities journals to collect and surface recent or relevant work in policing, the courts, civil rights, racial justice history, racial health inequities, and activism.

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The Journal of Clinical Ethics

The Journal of Clinical Ethics is uniquely focused on ethical issues that arise in direct patient care, in the clinic and at the bedside, as well as with related issues and challenges in the broader practice of medicine, healthcare delivery, and best practices. It engages with issues of primary concern to physicians and patients—and families—and all members of the clinical team, including allied professionals in ethics consultation, as well as scholars and professionals in diverse disciplines and care-related practices: philosophy, law, theology, public and health policy, nursing, and organizational ethics.

Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics

Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics will publish high-quality theoretical, empirical, and econometric research papers and replication studies that address issues of relevance to microeconomics. Microeconomics is interpreted in the broadest possible sense and includes issues related to how individuals, households, firms, and governments make choices, and how those choices affect prices, the allocation of resources, and the well-being of people. 


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This new page highlights previously published research across disciplines—the featured topic for June is indigenous knowledge.


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