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The latest University of Chicago Press catalog in Economics is available on this page in PDF form. The catalog and the list below include some forthcoming titles that are not yet published. Unpublished titles can be preordered; your credit card will not be charged for those titles until the books actually ship.

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The acquiring editor at the University of Chicago Press for this subject is Chad Zimmerman.

Featured Books


The New Economics of Debt and Financial Fragility

Moritz Schularick

Private Virtues, Public Vices

Philanthropy and Democratic Equality

Emma Saunders-Hastings

Bankers in the Ivory Tower

The Troubling Rise of Financiers in US Higher Education

Charlie Eaton

The Border Within

The Economics of Immigration in an Age of Fear

Tara Watson

The Money Illusion

Market Monetarism, the Great Recession, and the Future of Monetary Policy

Scott Sumner

Catalog Titles

General economics

    A Political Economy of Justice
    Innovation and China’s Global Emergence
    Hayek and the Evolution of Capitalism
    Currency Statecraft
    CEO Leadership
    Collaborative Crisis Management
    Great Economic Thinkers
    The Corporate Contract in Changing Times
    The Tragic Science
    Reputation Analytics
    Bulls Markets
    Big Med
    Bankers in the Ivory Tower
    Plowshares into Swords
    Pandemic Exposures
    Capitalism and Freedom
    Migration and Health
    Making Our Neighborhoods, Making Our Selves
    Easy Money
    Fighting Financial Crises
    Bankrupt in America
    Charter School City
    Trading Spaces
    Essays on Liberalism and the Economy, Volume 18
    Law, Legislation, and Liberty, Volume 19
    The Federal Reserve
    Insurance Era
    National Accounts and Environmentally Sustainable National Income
    The Bonds of Inequality
    A Problem of Fit
    The Mismeasure of Progress
    After Redlining
    Bettering Humanomics
    Beyond Positivism, Behaviorism, and Neoinstitutionalism in Economics
    Economical Writing, Third Edition
    Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich
    Banking on Slavery
    Milton Friedman and Economic Debate in the United States, 1932–1972, Volume 1
    Milton Friedman and Economic Debate in the United States, 1932–1972, Volume 2
    Economics for Humans, Second Edition
    Trading Freedom
    Out of Stock
    Rethinking America’s Highways
    Law and the Economy in a Young Democracy
    Invisible China
    Beyond Debt
    Private Virtues, Public Vices
    A Philosopher’s Economist
    Money, Power, and the People
    Smart Machines and Service Work
    The Money Illusion
    The Monetarists
    From Old Regime to Industrial State
    Fully Grown
    The Border Within

    Economics & Social Policy

      Probable Justice
      Welfare for Markets
      America, Compromised
      The Capital Order

      Latest books from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

        Big Data for Twenty-First-Century Economic Statistics
        The Economics of Artificial Intelligence
        The Role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth
        The Economics of Poverty Traps
        Economic Dimensions of Personalized and Precision Medicine
        Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World
        Measuring Distribution and Mobility of Income and Wealth
        Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World
        Measuring and Accounting for Innovation in the Twenty-First Century
        NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2019
        NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2020
        Capital in the Nineteenth Century
        The Roles of Immigrants and Foreign Students in US Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
        Economic Analysis and Infrastructure Investment
        Innovation and Public Policy
        High-Skilled Migration to the United States and Its Economic Consequences
        Productivity in Higher Education
        Education, Skills, and Technical Change
        Environmental and Energy Policy and the Economy
        Innovation Policy and the Economy, 2019
        Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 34
        Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 35
        Economics of Research and Innovation in Agriculture
        Agricultural Productivity and Producer Behavior

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