Chad Zimmerman

Executive Editor

Subjects: Economics; business; public policy
Series: National Bureau of Economic Research; Markets and Governments in Economic History

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I acquire books in economics, business, and public policy. I’m interested in projects that use theory and evidence as a starting point for considering people’s lived experiences and identifying the policy levers that advance public welfare and prosperity. These interests lend well, but not exclusively, to topics in labor, political economy, healthcare, aging and retirement, and education. 

I’m also fortunate to collaborate with the National Bureau of Economic Research on their book series, which synthesizes economic data in emerging subject spaces to stimulate further study and advance the field.

In terms of format, I acquire narrative trade, professional/academic, and works that are suitable for graduate education. I also find great satisfaction in projects that start from a place of universal anxiety—say, having kids or getting a job—and work backward to offer readers a new way of thinking about it. I am committed to publishing underrepresented voices in my fields, and I actively seek out new and diverse perspectives that can enrich and advance the public conversation. 

My colleague Alicia Sparrow, editorial associate, works with me on the publishing described here. We are pleased to accept inquiries from agents and authors. 


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