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Migration and Health

A new introduction to a timeless dynamic: how the movement of humans affects health everywhere.

International migrants compose more than three percent of the world’s population, and internal migrants—those migrating within countries—are more than triple that number. Population migration has long been, and remains today, one of the central demographic shifts shaping the world around us. The world’s history—and its health—is shaped and colored by stories of migration patterns, the policies and political events that drive these movements, and narratives of individual migrants. 

Migration and Health offers the most expansive framework to date for understanding and reckoning with human migration’s implications for public health and its determinants. It interrogates this complex relationship by considering not only the welfare of migrants, but also that of the source, destination, and ensuing-generation populations. The result is an elevated, interdisciplinary resource for understanding what is known—and the considerable territory of what is not known—at an intersection that promises to grow in importance and influence as the century unfolds.

496 pages | 3 halftones, 11 line drawings, 22 tables | 6 x 9 | © 2022

Economics and Business: Economics--Development, Growth, Planning, Health Economics


Political Science: Public Policy

Table of Contents

Part I. Why Migration and Health?
Chapter 1. An Introduction to Migration and Health
Sandro Galea, Catherine K. Ettman, and Muhammad H. Zaman
Chapter 2. Understanding Migration and Health: Social-Ecological and Lifecourse Perspectives
Catherine K. Ettman, Muhammad H. Zaman, Sandro Galea
Chapter 3. The Global Drivers of Migration
Francesco Castelli

Part II. How Migration Affects Population Health
Chapter 4. Health of People Before Migration, the “Healthy Migrant”
Yudit Namer and Oliver Razum
Chapter 5. Health and the Process of Migration
Santino Severoni, Richard Alderslade, and Palmira Immordino
Chapter 6. Migration and Access to Health Care: Barriers and Solutions
Marie Norredam and Allan Krasnik

Part III. Topics in Migration and Health
Chapter 7. Climate Change, Migration, and Population Health
James M. Shultz and Andreas Rechkemmer
Chapter 8. Global Governance and the Health of Migrants
Agis D. Tsouros
Chapter 9. Migration and Changing Global Patterns of Infectious Diseases
Nicolas Vignier
Chapter 10. Mental Illness and Substance Use and Migration: Traumatic Exposures during High-Risk Migration
Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, María Elena Medina-Mora, and Gustavo Loera
Chapter 11. Urbanization and Theoretical Perspectives on Migration and Mental Health
Yang Xiao
Chapter 12. Nutrition and Migrant Health
Erin Hoare, Adrienne O’Neil, and Felice Jacka
Chapter 13. Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health in the Context of Migration
Sónia Dias, Ana Gama, and Patrícia Marques
Chapter 14. Unique Health Considerations during Forced Displacement
Sabrina Hermosilla and Janna Metzler
Chapter 15. Older People, Health, and Migration
Tony Warnes
Chapter 16. The Health of Migrant Children
Ayesha Kadir and Anders Hjern
Chapter 17. Violence, Migration, and Mental Health
Jutta Lindert
Chapter 18. Remittances, Health Access, and Outcomes
Melissa Siegel
Chapter 19. Technology and Migrants’ Health: Access, Opportunity, and Ethical Challenges
Ebiowei Samuel F. Orubu, Carly Ching, Ahsan M. Fuzail, and Muhammad H. Zaman
Chapter 20. Intersectionality: From Migrant Health Care to Migrant Health Equity
Denise L. Spitzer
Chapter 21. The Ethics and Justice of Recognizing Migrants’ Right to Health
Wendy E. Parmet

Part IV. Approaches to Understanding the Relationship between Migration and Health
Chapter 22. The Relevance of Culture for Migrant Health
Tilman Lanz
Chapter 23. The Sociology of Migration and Health: The Decline in Migrants’ Health Due to Adverse Environments and Limited Options for Care
Steven J. Gold
Chapter 24. Economics in Migrant Health: Migrant-Sensitive Service Improvement as a Driver for Cost Savings in Health Care?
Ursula Trummer, Lika Nusbaum, and Sonja Novak-Zezula
Chapter 25. Multilevel and Mixed-Methods Studies of Migration and Health
Joshua Breslau and Lilian G. Perez
Chapter 26. Epidemiology and the Study of Migrant Health
Nadia N. Abuelezam
Chapter 27. The Humanities of Migration and Health
Carrie J. Preston
Chapter 28. Law, Migration, and Health in the US Context
Sondra S. Crosby, Michael R. Ulrich, and George J. Annas
Chapter 29. Migration: A Health-Equity Lens
Felicity Thomas

Part V. Case Studies in Migration and Health
Chapter 30. The United States as a Case Study: Policy, Access, and Outcomes
Sana Loue
Chapter 31. Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan Migration Route
Karl Philipp Puchner
Chapter 32. Migration and Health in Nepal
Sabrina Hermosilla, Emily Treleaven, and Dirgha Ghimire
Chapter 33. Persian Gulf Migrants
Maria Kristiansen
Chapter 34. South Africa
Jo Vearey
Chapter 35. Migration and Health in China
Bingqin Li
Chapter 36. Asian Immigrants in New Zealand
Eleanor Holroyd and Jed Montayre
Chapter 37. Mobility and Health in the Pacific Islands
Celia McMichael
Chapter 38. Venezuela and Latin America
Oscar A. Bernal Acevedo, Jovana A. Ocampo Cañas, Jhon Sebastian Patiño Rueda, Laura Baldovino-Chiquillo, and Salma S. Baizer Cassab
Chapter 39. The South Asian Context
Muhammad H. Zaman, Reshmaan Hussam, and Hulya Kosematoglu

Part VI. The Future of Migration and Health
Chapter 40. Preparing the Next Generation of Scholars in Migrant Health
Zelde Espinel and James M. Shultz
Chapter 41. Migration and Health: Taking Stock and Looking to the Future
Muhammad H. Zaman, Catherine K. Ettman, and Sandro Galea
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