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Literature and Criticism

The latest University of Chicago Press catalog in Literature and Criticism is available on this page in PDF form and as a hyperlinked list. The list below includes new titles published or announced since the printed catalog appeared. Please note that some of these titles are scheduled for release more than six months in the future. Unpublished titles can be ordered now; your credit card will not be charged for those titles until the books actually ship.

If you wish to use the PDF catalog, click on the cover and follow the ordering instructions in the catalog.

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Books suitable for the classroom are listed in the Literature and Literary Studies section of our Books for Course Use catalog.

The acquiring editor at the University of Chicago Press for this subject is Alan G. Thomas.

Catalog Titles

Criticism and Theory

    Landscape as Weapon
    Thoughts and Things
    Mood and Trope
    The Science of Character
    The Teaching Archive
    The Climate of History in a Planetary Age
    I, Grape; or The Case for Fiction
    A Defense of Judgment
    Joy of the Worm
    Artful Truths
    Geschlecht III
    Life Death
    Perjury and Pardon, Volume I
    Thinking Out of Sight
    Weak Planet
    The Chastity Plot
    Radium of the Word
    The Limits of Critique
    The Jewish Decadence
    On Interpretive Conflict
    Cartesian Poetics
    Taming the Tongue in the Heyday of English Grammar (1711–1851)
    The Nutmeg’s Curse
    American Mediterraneans
    Infinitely Determinable
    Five Words
    The New Female Antihero
    Of Bridges
    Rhetoric in Tooth and Claw
    Outside Literary Studies
    The Cosmic Zoom
    Experimental Games
    Domestic Georgic
    The Order of Forms
    Conflict Graffiti
    North Sea Crossings
    Excavating the Memory Palace
    The Lyric Now
    What Proust Heard
    Philosophy, Writing, and the Character of Thought
    Culture and Language at Crossed Purposes
    The Calamity Form
    Improvising Improvisation
    Decay and Afterlife
    Poetry in a Global Age
    Georgette Heyer, History, and Historical Fiction
    Epidemic Empire
    The Science of Life and Death in "Frankenstein"
    Untying Things Together
    On American Fiction
    On Bataille and Blanchot
    On Camus
    On Novels and Novelists
    On Poetry
    Political Fictions
    Georg Simmel
    The Ruins Lesson
    Action versus Contemplation
    Apropos of Something
    The Opening of the American Mind
    Phenomenal Blackness
    The Avant-Postman
    Sound Writing
    Ecological Poetics; or, Wallace Stevens’s Birds
    Victories Never Last
    Strange Likeness

    British Literature

      The Daily Jane Austen
      Courts, Jurisdictions, and Law in John Milton and His Contemporaries
      Dickens’s London
      The Lighted Window
      Four Shakespearean Period Pieces
      The Invention of Oscar Wilde
      Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
      John Donne
      Angela Thirkell
      Coming To
      The Art of Ruskin and the Spirit of Place
      The Making of Lewis Carroll’s Alice and the Invention of Wonderland
      Tolkien: Treasures
      Climate and the Making of Worlds
      Keats’s Odes
      All the Tiny Moments Blazing
      Some Words of Jane Austen
      Common Understandings, Poetic Confusion
      Divine Images

      European Literature

        Music’s Monisms
        Artaud the Mômo
        Radio Works: 1946-48
        “Here Lies” preceded by “The Indian Culture”
        Reynard the Fox
        To Love Is to Act
        Invitation to the Voyage
        The Dream of Absolutism
        The Red Scarf
        Machines of the Mind
        Objects in Air
        We Defy Augury
        The Dynastic Imagination
        Gone But Not Forgotten
        Mr. Zed’s Reflections
        The Year
        The Subject of Crusade
        The Naked Truth
        Vincent’s Books
        On the Rope
        The Great Fall
        Why I Write?
        Patches of Sunlight, Or of Shadow
        Seedtime III
        On the Royal Road
        Secret Germany
        The Fire Above, the Mountain Below
        End of the World
        Tales from the Prague Ghetto
        Anyone Who Utters a Consoling Word Is a Traitor
        Kong’s Finest Hour
        Lives of the Great Languages
        Hold Open the Door
        Dark Lens
        DH Lawrence in Italy
        Hemingway in Italy
        Kate O’Brien’s Writings
        The Indies of the Setting Sun
        The Fount of Time
        Mysterious Solidarities
        Atlas of an Anxious Man
        Manon’s World
        It All Tastes of Farewell
        The Anti-Journalist
        Deep Song
        Value in Art
        All the Roads Are Open
        Death in Persia
        Practical Cues and Social Spectacle in the Chester Plays
        Malvina, or Spoken Word in the Novel
        Mr. K Released
        West-Eastern Divan
        Kafka’s Prague
        Lamentation for 77,297 Victims
        Precarious Partners
        In the Congo
        The Subversive Simone Weil
        The Lesser Histories

        American Literature

          Dear Queer Self
          No Sign
          Harold Rosenberg
          The Breathing Place
          Black Paper
          The Missing Mountain
          Of Morsels and Marvels
          The Lookout Man
          The Speaking Stone
          Ahab’s Rolling Sea
          Lucky Wreck
          On Not Knowing
          Vulgar Genres
          Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking
          Who’s on First?
          Proceed to Check Out
          The Daily Henry David Thoreau
          The Matter of Black Living

          More Literature and Criticism

            The Modern Myths
            Primo Levi
            Dangerous to Show
            Rachel Owen
            In the Face of Death We Are Equal
            Louis-Ferdinand Céline
            Mina Loy
            Guarded Words
            Why Fiction Matters in Contemporary China
            Our Santiniketan
            Flowers for Otello
            The Daily Sherlock Holmes
            Off Limits
            Figuring Jerusalem
            Freedom from Violence and Lies
            A Sanskrit Treasury
            Sketchbooks, 1946–1949
            The Porch
            Novel Houses
            The Midlife Mind
            Around the World in 80 Words
            Queer Between the Covers
            Passage to the Plaza
            Chess with My Grandfather
            Alice in Sussex
            In Search of Lost Time
            Mental Traveler
            The Epic of Damarudhar
            The Great Tales Never End
            Concrete Poetry
            Great Literary Friendships
            The Philosophical Hitchcock
            Philosophy by Other Means
            Feasting and Fasting in Opera
            Permanent Crisis
            Blaise Cendrars
            As You Like It
            The Comedy of Errors
            Edward III
            Henry IV Part 1
            Henry IV Part 2
            Henry VIII
            The Merchant of Venice
            A Midsummer Night’s Dream
            Much Ado About Nothing
            Richard II
            Romeo and Juliet
            Taming of the Shrew
            The Tempest
            Titus Andronicus
            Troilus and Cressida
            The Winter’s Tale
            Jewish Portraits, Indian Frames

            Critical Lives

              Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
              Charles Darwin
              Jack London
              Joseph Conrad
              Hannah Arendt
              Guy de Maupassant
              Langston Hughes
              Aldous Huxley
              Leo Tolstoy

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