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Life Sciences

The latest University of Chicago Press catalog in Life Sciences is available on this page in PDF form and as a hyperlinked list. The list below includes new titles published or announced since the printed catalog appeared. Please note that some of these titles are scheduled for release more than six months in the future. Unpublished titles can be ordered now; your credit card will not be charged for those titles until the books actually ship.

If you wish to use the PDF catalog, click on the cover and follow the ordering instructions in the catalog.

You may also order using the hyperlinks below and our secure shopping cart. You will get a 20% discount on any of the titles listed below when you use the special promotional code UCPLIF during the check out process.

Books suitable for the classroom are listed in the Life Sciences section of our Books for Course Use catalog.

The acquiring editor at the University of Chicago Press for this subject is Joseph Calamia.

Catalog Titles

Behavioral Biology

    Of Maybugs and Men
    Platypus Matters
    Canine Confidential
    Thinking like a Parrot
    Birds Journal
    Power in the Wild
    Principles of Animal Behavior, 4th Edition
    Spider Webs
    Phyllostomid Bats
    Chimpanzees in Context
    Crooked Cats
    Viral Economies
    The Maternal Imprint
    Yellowstone Wolves

    Oceans and Marine Biology

      Billion-Dollar Fish
      The Sea
      Octopus, Squid, and Cuttlefish
      Red Leviathan
      We Are All Whalers
      Oceans under Glass
      Science on a Mission
      Fascinating Shells
      From the Seashore to the Seafloor
      Future Sea

      Natural History

        Nature’s Mirror
        Trees and Forests of Tropical Asia
        Patterns in Nature
        Most Unimaginably Strange
        Blood Ties
        Rare and Wonderful
        Waters of the World
        Polar Bear
        Audubon at Sea
        A Manual of the Mammalia
        The Lost Species
        Animals’ Best Friends
        Ahab’s Rolling Sea
        The Art of the Bird
        Allowed to Grow Old
        Strange Bright Blooms
        The Genesis Quest
        Nature Fast and Nature Slow
        The Book of Snakes
        Dangerous Earth
        How to Make a Vaccine
        The Sloth Lemur’s Song
        Avian Illuminations
        Catastrophic Thinking
        The Daily Henry David Thoreau
        Blood Rush
        A Planet of Viruses


          The Huxleys
          The Stockholm Paradigm
          Nature Remade
          The Beautiful Cure
          The Evolutionary Origins of Life and Death
          Land Bridges
          Can Microbial Communities Regenerate?
          Evolving God
          What Is Regeneration?
          Crossing the Boundaries of Life
          Pragmatism’s Evolution
          Disputed Inheritance
          The Theory of Evolution
          Dinner with Darwin


            A Cornucopia of Fruit & Vegetables
            Plant Families
            Botanical Art Notebook Set - Lemon, Chillis and Apples
            Evolution Made to Order
            Field Guide to the Amaryllis Family of Southern Africa & Surrounding Territories
            The Genus Agapanthus
            Gardening With Drought-Friendly Plants
            Roots to Seeds
            The Botanical Adventures of Joseph Banks
            Peonies of the World: Part III Phylogeny and Evolution
            Kew Pocketbooks: Wildflowers
            Growing Orchids at Home
            The Wardian Case
            Extraordinary Orchids
            In the Name of Plants
            House Plants
            Driven by Nature
            Kew Pocketbooks: Cacti
            Kew Pocketbooks: Fungi
            Kew Pocketbooks: Honzo Zufu
            Kew Pocketbooks: Japanese Plants
            Kew Pocketbooks: Palms
            A Checklist of the Orchidaceae of India
            Phylogeny and Evolution of the Angiosperms
            Darwin’s Most Wonderful Plants
            The Botany of Gin
            Chasing Plants
            Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of the Western Mediterranean, Second Edition
            Kew Pocketbooks: Carnivorous Plants
            Weird Plants
            Amber Waves


              The Hidden Universe
              Wildlife as Property Owners
              Diamonds in the Marsh
              The Climate of History in a Planetary Age
              Climate in Motion
              Oil Beach
              Water Always Wins
              The Porch
              National Parks Forever
              Climate Ghosts
              Crab Wars
              Dawn at Mineral King Valley


                The Second Jurassic Dinosaur Rush
                Foundations of Paleoecology
                Tropical Arctic
                Dragons’ Teeth and Thunderstones
                The World of Dinosaurs
                Vanished Giants


                  Life and Research
                  Handbook of Quantitative Ecology
                  The Last Writings of Thomas S. Kuhn
                  Foundations of Ecology II

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