Joseph Calamia

Alan Thomas

Senior Editor

Subjects: Life sciences; physical sciences; mathematics; digital studies; environmental studies
Series:  Convening Science: Discovery at the Marine Biological LaboratoryTheoretical Astrophysics 

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Books in the University of Chicago science, technology, and mathematics program reveal new insights into the natural sciences and highlight trends in technology’s use and innovation. I look for researchers who are leaders in their fields and who offer compelling narratives that show the relevance of their work to both specialists and broader audiences. I work with authors who have an intervention to make, who can offer informed insights into an ongoing debate, or who will provide new frameworks for understanding.

I come to Chicago after nearly a decade commissioning books at Yale University Press, where I have worked with authors in digital studies, including Zeynep Tufekci, Kate Crawford, danah boyd, Alice E. Marwick, Sarah T. Roberts, and Philip N. Howard. In the sciences and mathematics, I have published authors including Priyamvada Natarajan, Francis Su, Marcia Bartusiak, and R. Shankar. My education is in physics, environmental studies, and science writing, and I hold degrees from Cornell University, Yale University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


I am fortunate to have the help of editorial associate Michaela Luckey.

A Planet of Viruses: Third Edition
Third Edition
Carl Zimmer
How to Make a Vaccine: An Essential Guide for COVID-19 and Beyond
An Essential Guide for COVID-19 and Beyond
John Rhodes
Seeing Silicon Valley: Life inside a Fraying America
Life inside a Fraying America
Mary Beth Meehan and Fred Turner


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