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Art, Media, and Design

The latest University of Chicago Press catalog in Art, Media, and Design is available on this page in PDF form and as a hyperlinked list. The list below includes new titles published or announced since the printed catalog appeared. Please note that some of these titles are scheduled for release more than six months in the future. Unpublished titles can be ordered now; your credit card will not be charged for those titles until the books actually ship.

If you wish to use the PDF catalog, click on the cover and follow the ordering instructions in the catalog.

You may also order using the hyperlinks below and our secure shopping cart. You will get a 20% discount on any of the titles listed below when you use the special promotional code UCPART during the check out process.

Books suitable for the classroom are listed in the Art and Art History section of our Books for Course Use catalog.

The acquiring editor at the University of Chicago Press for this subject is Susan Bielstein.

Catalog Titles

    Art History

      Kirchner and Nolde
      Shahzia Sikander
      The Eye of the Poet
      Notes and Methods
      Alberto Giacometti
      René Magritte
      Florine Stettheimer
      Cruising the Dead River
      Hans Hofmann: FURY
      Luigi Pericle. Ad Astra
      Harold Rosenberg
      Scenes and Traces of the English Civil War
      Wartime London in Paintings
      Folklore & Avant-garde
      Angelica Kauffman
      Meret Oppenheim Enigmas
      Angela Davis
      Nicolas Party—Rovine
      Thomas Cole’s Studio
      Florine Stettheimer
      The End
      Manet to Bracquemond:
      Behind the Angel of History
      The Splendor of Germany
      Jun Kaneko
      Henri Matisse
      Ai Weiwei
      Children of Mercury
      Modern Art and the Remaking of Human Disposition
      Jacobus Vrel
      Paul Klee—Ad Parnassum
      We Haven’t Seen Each Other For So Long
      The Allure of Matter
      Leaping the Dragon Gate
      Gustave Moreau
      The Contested Crown
      Tamara Kostianovsky
      Creative Gatherings
      Mina Loy
      The Modern Art Cookbook
      Nineteenth-Century Women Artists
      Objects in Air
      Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits
      Donatello and the Dawn of Renaissance Art
      Supernatural America
      Essential Desires
      Oscar Muñoz
      Art of the United States, 1750–2000
      The Aztecs
      Thought Experiments
      Breaking out of Tradition
      Fantastic Women
      Belonging and Betrayal
      Silent Rebels
      Divine Love
      Making Van Gogh
      Painting in the 1980s
      Bourdichon’s "Boston Hours"
      Titian, the Della Rovere Dynasty & His Portrait of Guidobaldo II and his Son
      Landscapes of Extraction
      Vasari, Michelangelo and the Allegory of Patience
      Sesson Shukei
      More than Ordinary
      Patronage and Devotion
      Lesley Dill, Wilderness
      Käthe Kollwitz
      A Sanskrit Treasury
      Soutine / de Kooning
      LaToya Ruby Frazier
      The Jewish Decadence
      Painting with Demons
      Juul Kraijer
      Marcel Odenbach
      Gothic Spirit
      Tammam Azzam
      Artemisia Gentileschi and Feminism in Early Modern Europe
      Chakaia Booker
      Paulo Nazareth
      Queer Behavior
      Nicolás De Jesús
      Ann Wolff
      Communist Posters
      Philip Grözinger
      The Art of Experiment
      The Lill Tschudi
      Ruling Culture
      The Pensive Image
      Rubens’s Great Landscape with a Tempest
      Vincent’s Books
      Leif Trenkler
      Diagramming Devotion
      Fluxus Forms
      Phyllida Barlow
      Jan Hendrix: Paradise Lost
      The Burke Collection of Italian Manuscript Paintings
      Pieter Bruegel and the Idea of Human Nature
      The Art of Ruskin and the Spirit of Place
      Speaking East
      Elijah Pierce’s America
      Suzanne Valadon
      Piero della Francesca and the Invention of the Artist
      Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and the Grandeur of Mountains
      Outsider & Vernacular Art
      The Art of Doris and Anna Zinkeisen
      Accounts and Drawings from Underground
      The McCarthy Collection, Volume III
      Distant Early Warning
      Edward Hopper
      Raphael and the Madonna
      Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s Letters to Annie and Oskar Müller-Widmann
      Keeping in the Present
      Jacoba van Heemskerck
      Kunsthaus Zürich
      Xenia Hausner
      Pictorial Silks
      John Nash
      Salvator Rosa
      Paula Modersohn-Becker
      Beyond East and West
      The Cubist Cosmos
      Egon Schiele
      The Human Touch
      The Heart of the Renaissance
      Tokens of Love, Loss and Disrespect
      Russian Art in the New Millennium
      Here, Now
      Jill Magid
      Raphael and the Antique
      Modern Drawings
      Paintings on Stone
      Rubens’s Spirit
      Living with Architecture as Art
      Reflected Beauty
      Lowry’s Lamps
      The Mongol Century
      Tolkien: Treasures
      Clouds of Ink, Pools of Colour
      Titian’s Lost Last Supper
      Tomás Esson
      The Simple Truth
      Harry Bertoia
      Carole A. Feuerman
      Picasso & "Les Femmes D’Alger"
      Utamaro and the Spectacle of Beauty
      Giorgione’s Ambiguity
      Persevere and Resist
      Hans Holbein
      Angus Taylor
      Hannah Ryggen
      Miniatures from the Time of Napoleon in the Tansey Collection
      Naturally Brilliant Colour
      Lenore Tawney
      Paula Modersohn-Becker
      Alex Katz
      Colonization, Wilderness, and Spaces Between
      The Temple of Fame and Friendship
      The Miracle in the Snow
      Conrad Felixmüller
      Wolfgang Laib in Florence
      Artist as Author
      Gold of the Great Steppe
      Georgia O’Keeffe
      Some Kind of Duty
      Kleine Welt
      Alfons Mucha
      L.S. Lowry
      Russia Accursed!
      Yinka Shonibare CBE
      Early Colour Printing
      Value in Art
      Kiki Smith
      Friedl Dicker-Brandeis
      Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Hodler
      Kurt Schwitters
      The Escape
      Édouard Vuillard
      Katharina Grosse
      Myself and My Aims
      The Women Behind Modern Art in Britain
      Tokyo Before Tokyo
      Van Gogh. Self-Portraits
      Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace
      You Can Crush the Flowers
      Maine’s Lithographic Landscapes
      The Candy Store
      Titian’s "Rape of Europa"
      Yoko Ono.Growing Freedom
      The Space of Effusion
      The Sarpedon Krater
      Dreams of Freedom
      Michelangelo’s Painting
      Michelangelo’s Sculpture
      Renaissance and Baroque Art
      Adrian Paci
      Teresa Margolles
      Darker Shades
      Art and Power
      A Tale of Today
      Love, Fight, Feast
      Maiolica in Renaissance Venice
      The Idols of ISIS
      Harold Mendez
      Gianni Caravaggio
      Poussin as a Painter
      Facing China
      Wilhelm Leibl
      Hans Purrmann
      Hermann Stenner
      Paul Cézanne
      Three Lectures on Leonardo
      Pow! Right in the Eye!
      Divine Images
      Humphry Repton
      Bound by Creativity
      Catching the Moment
      Max Bill Global
      Isabelle Dyckerhoff

      Art Theory and Criticism

        Imagining Sculpture
        Landscape as Weapon
        Thinking Out of Sight
        Shiny Things
        Creative Infrastructures
        Theory of Form
        Conflict Graffiti
        Philosophy by Other Means
        Two Thumbs Up
        Georg Simmel
        Apropos of Something
        Sound Writing

        Media & Film

          The Art of Destruction
          Fellini’s Films and Commercials
          Understanding Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey
          The New Female Antihero
          Werner Herzog
          Experimental Games
          The Traumatic Screen
          Life as Activity
          Paolo Sorrentino’s Cinema and Television
          Against the Avant-Garde
          The President of the United States on Screen
          Coming Together


            Louis-Alphonse Poitevin
            The City of Flowers
            Sudek and Sculpture
            The City Creative
            Elina Brotherus
            The Black Index
            The Figure of Christ in Contemporary Photography
            Made Realities
            About Us
            The Rest Between Two Notes
            Jan Groover, Photographer
            The Infinite
            Painting with Fire
            City Lust
            John Heartfield
            Allowed to Grow Old
            Seeing Silicon Valley
            Dark Lens
            Lee Miller
            Global Groove
            The Bomb in the Wilderness
            125th Street
            Surrealist Lee Miller
            The Critical Eye
            Anna Atkins
            Aenne Biermann
            Abe Frajndlich

            Architecture & Design

              Situated Objects
              American Framing
              Le Corbusier—Ronchamp
              Best of Austria
              Boston’s Oldest Buildings and Where to Find Them
              Bauhaus Dessau
              Bauhaus Museum Weimar
              Haus Am Horn
              Avant-Garde as Method
              The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame
              Quirino De Giorgio
              Asian Revitalization
              Basics of Urbanism
              Architecture and Anarchism
              Inventing the Alphabet
              The Making of a Mosque
              The Songyang Story
              Steel Cities
              The Umayyad Mosque of Damascus
              John Hassall
              The Porch
              Windsor Castle
              Modern Gothic
              Neues Museum Weimar
              The Triumphal Arch
              Napoli Super Modern
              Paris Haussmann
              Architecture, Theater, and Fantasy
              One Hundred Books Famous in Typography
              The Advanced School of Collective Feeling
              Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
              Soviet Design
              Max Uhlig
              The Streets of Europe
              Magazines and the American Experience
              Lehmbruck—Kolbe—Mies van der Rohe
              Buckingham Palace
              Land Art of the 21st Century
              Harry Bertoia
              Architecture and Micropolitics
              Design in the Age of Change
              The Bauhaus Brand 1919–2019
              Working and Living
              The New Kunsthaus Zürich
              Italian Maiolica and Other Early Modern Ceramics in the Courtauld Gallery
              I Like My Choyse
              The Oak Park Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright
              Paper Architecture in Novosibirsk
              The Ruins Lesson
              The Reconstruction of Berlin Palace
              Terrible Beauty
              Hermann Hertzberger
              Designing Modern Japan
              New World Objects of Knowledge
              The Art of Orientation
              How Beautiful Are Your Dwelling Places, Jacob
              Baroque Prague
              Eyes That Saw
              Raised from the Ruins
              Reyner Banham Revisited

              Tools & Reference

                Wood Engraving

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