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The 2020 Election

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Politics ain’t beanbag. A Chicagoan coined that phrase, of course, the journalist Finley Peter Dunne, who used it to describe the political campaigns he observed in Chicago. Our fair city by the lake has seen a few rough-and-tumble campaigns and political conventions. This year the nation has a front row seat for an election that, however it turns out, sure as heck won’t be beanbag.

The last thing we recommend this election season is that you spend all your time in front of that hopeless little screen. Turn off the electronic feed and reach for something with more perspective, which you may find in the list of books below. Like one? Get 20% off print or e-book when you use promo code UCPPOL.

And vote. Vote early. Above all, vote.

The acquiring editor at the University of Chicago Press for this subject is Charles T. Myers. Read an interview with Chuck on the Chicago Blog.

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