Anthony Powell’s

A Dance to the Music of Time

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Anthony Powell’s universally acclaimed epic A Dance to the Music of Time offers a matchless panorama of twentieth-century London. Now, for the first time in decades, you can read the books of Dance as they were originally published—as twelve individual novels—but with a twenty-first-century twist: the individual novels are available only as e-books.

“One of the most important works of fiction since the Second World War.… The novel looked, as it began, something like a comedy of manners; then, for a while, like a tragedy of manners; now like a vastly entertaining, deeply melancholy, yet somehow courageous statement about human experience.”—Naomi Bliven, New Yorker

Available in four physical volumes

A Dance to the Music of Time: First Movement

A Dance to the Music of Time: Second Movement

A Dance to the Music of Time: Third Movement

A Dance to the Music of Time: Fourth Movement

Available as twelve e-books

1. A Question of Upbringing

2. A Buyer’s Market

3. The Acceptance World

4. At Lady Molly’s

5. Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant

6. The Kindly Ones


7. The Valley of the Bones

8. The Soldier’s Art

9. The Military Philosophers

10. Books Do Furnish a Room

11. Temporary Kings

12. Hearing Secret Harmonies

Available on our website as Adobe Digital Editions and from e-book retailers in most formats.

Published by the University of Chicago Press

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