Stay-at-home Fiction

Here at the University of Chicago Press we recommend binge reading. You will definitely feel better after binge reading than after binge watching. Why? Because.

We are here to help you feed—or start—a habit. The fourteen books below are some of the best of our fiction titles. We’ve lowered the e-book prices (for the month of April) so you can get a lot of them right away. Prefer print? OK, use the promo code UCPLIT and get 20% off the print editions. Most of our paperbacks will ship immediately from satellite locations, a few may backorder—check availability in the shopping cart. Or order from your local bookstore or check

With a stack of books (or e-books) nearby, we will get through this. Take care, be safe, wash your hands.

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Dawn of the Deed

John A. Long

Dawn of the Deed

The Prehistoric Origins of Sex

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