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Gabrielle David is a multidisciplinary artist who is a musician, photographer, digital designer, poet, and writer. David is the publisher of 2Leaf Press and serves as chair of the board of 2Leaf Press Inc. Over the years, she has participated in and organized poetry reading panel discussions, festivals and workshops, and has published articles and essays in numerous publications. David is coeditor of What Does It Mean to be White in America, Breaking the White Code of Silence, A Collection of Personal Narratives (2016), editor of Branches of the Tree of Life (2014), and coeditor of Hey Yo! Yo Soy!40 Years of Nuyorican Street Poetry (2012). She is the author of the poetry chapbooks, Spring Has Returned and I Am Renewed (1996), and This is Me: A Collection of Poems and Things (1994).

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