Taste and the TV Chef

How Storytelling Can Save The Planet

Gilly Smith

Taste and the TV Chef

Gilly Smith

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

225 pages | 6 3/4 x 9 1/4
Paper $29.50 ISBN: 9781789383058 Published October 2020 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only

Taste and the TV Chef examines the evolution of food-centric TV, exploring how it changed Britain’s relationship with food and created a global appetite for culinary content. While cooking shows are far from new, they have exploded in popularity in recent years and have changed consumption patterns at a time when what we eat is of enormous consequence for climate change. What was once merely a genre is now a full-blown phenomenon: never before has food been so photographed, fawned over, fetishized, and celebrated as a way to save the planet. Celebrity chefs and so-called “foodies” have risen to new levels of fame, and the cultural capital of cooking has never been so valuable.

Food journalist Gilly Smith offers fresh insights into the creation of contemporary British food culture, examining the influence of chefs like Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, and Gordon Ramsay and the role of TV storytelling in transforming how and what we consume. A groundbreaking contribution to food and media studies, Taste and the TV Chef investigates how food and lifestyle TV changed the way an entire country ate, and then fed it to the rest of the world.



Part One
• Birth of the Cool
• The Manufacture of Delight
• The Making of Britishness
• The Game-changers

Part Two
• Creating a National Conversation
• Creating Capital
• Selling Britain to the World
• Dude Food and Fairy Cakes
• Storytelling and Race
• Storytelling and Class
• The Making of Jamie
• Barthes on Jamie: Myth and the TV Revolutionary
• The Odyssey Narrative
• The Making of Dreams
• Sugar Smart

Part Three
• Intangible Memories
• Sharing the Memories
• The Utopia of Food TV
• A Hungarian Food Revolution
• How to Build a Food Culture

Part Four
• Can Storytelling Save the World?
• Are We There Yet?

Review Quotes
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: UK Award for Best Food Writing, 2021
Delicious (UK)
"This is a food book with a difference. Gilly looks at the effect television—food programmes, to be more precise—have had on our eating and cooking habits, led by cooks whose personalities are as big as the ripples their presenting style creates. But this is also about where our food comes from, championing producers and the artisans who’ve worked so hard to change the face of food in the UK today. Well worth a read."
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