Digital Radio in Europe

Technologies, Industries and Cultures

Edited by Brian O'Neill, Per Jauet, Marko Ala Fossi, Stepen Lax, Lars Nyre, and

Digital Radio in Europe

Edited by Brian O'Neill, Per Jauet, Marko Ala Fossi, Stepen Lax, Lars Nyre, and

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248 pages | 7 x 9 | © 2010
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Radio, the oldest form of electronic broadcasting, has thus far lagged behind TV in the push to go digital, but efforts have been underway for over twenty years in Europe to create digital platforms for radio. Drawing on extensive cross-national research, this volume offers the first comprehensive review of European digital radio, with details on the technologies, policies, and strategies to bring radio into the digital era—and highlights the successes and failures in implementation. An accessible introduction for students and professionals, this volume presents digital radio broadcasting in both a European and global context.



Foreword: The Ontology of Radio

Paddy Scannell


Chapter 1: Radio Broadcasting in Europe: The Search for a Common Digital Future

Brian O’Neill & Helen Shaw

Chapter 2: The Technological Landscape of Radio

Marko Ala-Fossi

Chapter 3: ‘A Vision for Radio’: Engineering Solutions for Changing Audiences – from FM to DAB

Stephen Lax

Chapter 4: ‘Sounding the Future’: Digital Radio and CD-quality Audio

Brian O’Neill

Chapter 5: ‘DAB: The Future of Radio?’ The Development of Digital Radio in Europe

Per Jauert, Stephen Lax, Helen Shaw & Marko Ala-Fossi

Chapter 6: Digital Radio Strategies in the United States: A Tale of Two Systems

Alan G. Stavitsky & Michael W. Huntsberger

Chapter 7: Beyond Europe: Launching Digital Radio in Canada and Australia

Brain O’Neill

Chapter 8: Future Scenarios for the Radio Industry

Mark Ala-Fossi

Chapter 9: Community Radio in Transition: The Challenge to Digital Migration

Lawrie Hallett

Chapter 10: Two-Way Radio: Audience Participation and Editorial Control in the Future

Lars Nyre & Marko Ala-Fossi

Chapter 11: The Online Transformation: How the Internet is Challenging and Changing Radio

Helen Shaw

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