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The History of Cartography, Volume 4

Cartography in the European Enlightenment

Since its launch in 1987, the History of Cartography series has garnered critical acclaim and sparked a new generation of interdisciplinary scholarship. Cartography in the European Enlightenment, the highly anticipated fourth volume, offers a comprehensive overview of the cartographic practices of Europeans, Russians, and the Ottomans, both at home and in overseas territories, from 1650 to 1800.
The social and intellectual changes that swept Enlightenment Europe also transformed many of its mapmaking practices. A new emphasis on geometric principles gave rise to improved tools for measuring and mapping the world, even as large-scale cartographic projects became possible under the aegis of powerful states. Yet older mapping practices persisted: Enlightenment cartography encompassed a wide variety of processes for making, circulating, and using maps of different types. The volume’s more than four hundred encyclopedic articles explore the era’s mapping, covering topics both detailed—such as geodetic surveying, thematic mapping, and map collecting—and broad, such as women and cartography, cartography and the economy, and the art and design of maps. Copious bibliographical references and nearly one thousand full-color illustrations complement the detailed entries.

1,920 pages | 962 color plates, 4 line drawings, 6 tables | 8 1/2 x 11 | © 2019

The History of Cartography

Geography: Cartography

History: Discoveries and Exploration, European History, History of Technology

Reference and Bibliography


"It is impossible to do justice to this magnificent production in a brief review. The volume provides hundreds of up-to-date bibliographical references; comprehensive treatments of key people, institutions and themes; and keen insights and interpretations. It will serve as the indispensable scholarly resource for the study of early-modern maps and mapping for decades."

Imago Mundi

"The volume provides hundreds of up-to-date bibliographical references; comprehensive treatments of key people, institutions and themes; and keen insights and interpretations. It will serve as the indispensable scholarly resource for the study of early- modern maps and mapping for decades."

Taylor & Francis

"The value of The History of Cartography to those interested in maps has long been a given, and one further affirmed by the project’s scale, which is unlikely to be matched. The importance of an understanding of maps to broader intellectual, cultural, and political currents emerges clearly, as does the very delight of maps. Indeed, as an aesthetic product, the two “parts,” each substantial volumes themselves, of this one 'volume,' with the total weight almost sixteen pounds, are a triumph."

The New Criterion

"It is brilliant, continuing the already very high standards of what is the most significant series in cartographic history ever published. . . . A must for anyone interested in maps or the Enlightenment, and a work that whets the appetite for the next volume due out, that on the nineteenth century."

The Critic (UK)

Table of Contents

Entries Listed by Conceptual Cluster endpapers
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations


Preface, Matthew H. Edney and Mary Sponberg Pedley
Introduction, Matthew H. Edney and Mary Sponberg Pedley

Académie de marine (Academy of Naval Affairs; France)
Academies of Science
Adair, John
Administrative Cartography
Allegorical and Satirical Maps
Anich, Peter 
Antiquarianism and Cartography 
Anville, Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d’ 
Art and Design of Maps 
Artaria Family 
Astronomical Model
Atlantic Neptune, The
Austrian Monarchy

Beautemps-Beaupré, Charles-François
Bellin, Jacques-Nicolas
Bering Expeditions to Northeast Asia
Boscovich, Ruggiero Giuseppe
Bouguer, Pierre
Boundary Disputes and Cartography
Boundary Survey Plan
Boundary Surveying
British America
Buache, Jean-Nicolas 
Buache, Philippe
Bugge, Thomas
Büsching, Anton Friedrich

Cadastral Surveying
Calcografia Camerale (Copperplate Printing Administration; Rome) 
California as an Island 
Carte de France
Cassini Family
Cassini, Giovanni Maria
Celestial Mapping 
Chabert, Joseph-Bernard, marquis de
Cities and Cartography
Colbert, Jean-Baptiste
Color and Cartography
Commission topographique of 1802
Compagnie des Indes (Company of the Indies; France)
Connoissance des temps
Constellations, Representation of
Consumption of Maps
Cook, James 
Coronelli, Vincenzo
Cosmographical Map
Covens & Mortier (Netherlands)
Cruquius, Nicolaas Samuelsz.
Customs Administration Map

Dalrymple, Alexander
Danish West Indies
De Brahm, William Gerard
Decoration, Maps as
Defoe, Daniel
Delisle Family
Denmark and Norway
Dépôt de la Guerre (Depository of the War Office; France)
Dépôt des cartes et plans de la Marine (Depository of Maps and Plans of the Navy; France) 

East India Company (Great Britain)
Eclipse Map, Solar
Economy, Cartography and the
Education and Cartography
Engineers and Topographical Surveys
English Pilot, The
Enlightenment, Cartography and the
Euler, Leonhard
Evans, Lewis

Ferraris Survey of the Austrian Netherlands
Flamsteed, John
Fleurieu, Charles-Pierre Claret de 
Franquelin, Jean Baptiste Louis
French East Indies
French West Indies
Fricx, Eugène Henry

Games, Cartographic 
Garden Plan
Geodesy and the Size and Shape of the Earth
Geodetic Surveying
Geographical Mapping
Geography and Cartography 
German States
Great Britain
Green, John
Greenwich Observatory (Great Britain)
Greenwich-Paris Triangulation
Guettard, Jean-Étienne
Gulf Stream

Halley, Edmond
Hase, Johann Matthias
Height Measuremen
Heights and Depths, Mapping of 
Heights and Distances, Geometric Determination of 
Hevelius, Johannes 
Historical Map 
History and Cartography
History of Cartography
Holland, Samuel (Johannes) 
Homann Family
Household Artifacts, Maps on 
Hudson’s Bay Company (Great Britain) 
Hydrographical Office, Admiralty (Great Britain)

Iconography, Ornamentation, and Cartography
Imaginary Geographies and Apocryphal Voyages
Indigenous Peoples and European Cartography
Instruments, Astronomical
Instruments for Angle Measuring
Instruments for Distance Measuring
Irish Plantation Surveys
Italian States

Jefferys, Thomas 
Josephinische Landesaufnahme (Josephine Survey; Austrian Monarchy) 

Karlowitz, Treaty of (1699)
Kipriyanov, Vasiliy Onufriyevich
Kirilov, Ivan Kirilovich

La Caille, Nicolas-Louis de
La Condamine, Charles-Marie de
Lambert, Johann Heinrich
Landscape, Maps, and Aesthetics
Lapland and Peru, Expeditions to
League of Augsburg, War of the
Liesganig, Joseph
Lomonosov, Mikhail Vasil’yevich
Longitude and Latitude
López de Vargas Machuca, Tomás

Madrid, Treaty of (1750)
Map Collecting
Map Trade
Marine Chart
Marine Charting
Marinoni, Johann Jakob
Marsigli, Luigi Ferdinando 
Mason-Dixon Line
Masse Family 
Mayer, Tobias
Measures, Linear
Medals, Maps on
Memoirs, Cartographic
Meridians, Local and Prime 
Metaphor, Map as
Meter, Survey for the 
Mikoviny, Samuel
Militär-Ingenieurakademie (Academy for Military Engineers; Austrian Monarchy)
Military and Topographical Surveys
Military Cartography
Military Map
Modes of Cartographic Practice
Müller, Johann Christoph


Nagayev, Aleksey Ivanovich
Nationalism and Cartography
Naudin Family
Navigation and Cartography 
Neptune du Cattegat et de la mer Baltique
Neptune françois and Hydrographie françoise 
Neptune oriental, Le

Netherlands, Republic of the United 
Netherlands, Southern
New France
Niebuhr, Carsten
Nolli, Giovanni Battista
North, Magnetic and True
Northwest Passage

Officina Topografica (Topographical Mapping Office; Naples) 
Ogilby, John
Ottoman Empire, Geographical Mapping and the Visualization of Space in the

Pacific Voyages
Packe, Christopher
Pallas, Peter Simon
Pardies, Ignace-Gaston
Paris Observatory (France)
Picard, Jean 
Pilot Book 
Poland-Lithuania, Partitions of
Ponts et Chaussées, Engineers and École des (School of Bridges and Roads; France) 
Portuguese Africa
Portuguese America
Portuguese East Indies
Privilege and Copyright
Property Map
Property Mapping
Public Sphere, Cartography and the

Reilly, Franz Johann Joseph von 
Religion and Cartography 
Rennell, James
Reproduction of Maps 
Revolution, American
Revolution, French
Rizzi Zannoni, Giovanni Antonio
Robert de Vaugondy Family 
Roy, William

Samplers, Map 
Sanson Family
Sarychev, Gavriil Andreyevich 
Science and Cartography 
Scotland, Military Survey of (Great Britain) 
Sea of the West 
Seutter, Probst, and Lotter Families
Sibbald, Robert
Signs, Cartographic
Society of Jesus (Rome)
Sørensen, Jens
Sounding of Depths and Marine Triangulation
Southern Continent
Soymonov, Fëdor Ivanovich
Spanish America
Statistics and Cartography
Sveriges Lantmäteriet (Swedish Land Survey)

Tatishchev, Vasiliy Nikitich
Taxation and Cartography 
Thematic Map
Thematic Mapping
Tofiño de San Miguel y Vandewalle, Vicente
Topographical Mapping and the State
Topographical Survey Map
Topographical Surveying 
Trade and Plantations, Board of (Great Britain) 
Transportation and Cartography
Travel and Cartography
Triangulation Surveying

Ulloa, Antonio de, and Jorge Juan
United States of America
Urban Map
Urban Mapping
Urban Planning and Cartography
Utrecht, Treaty of

Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC; United East India Company; Netherlands)
Videnskabernes Selskabs kort (Academy of Sciences and Letters map series; Denmark) 
Vischer, Georg Matthäus 

Wall Map 
West-Indische Compagnie (WIC; West India Company; Netherlands)
Wiebeking, Carl Friedrich von 
Women and Cartography
World Map 

Zach, Franz Xaver von 
Zürner, Adam Friedrich

Editors and Contributors
Entries Listed by Conceptual Cluster
Index, Do Mi Stauber

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