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American Beginnings

The Prehistory and Palaeoecology of Beringia

During the last Ice Age, a thousand-mile-wide land bridge connected Siberia and Alaska, creating the region known as Beringia. Over twelve thousand years ago, a procession of large mammals and the humans who hunted them crossed this bridge to America. Much of the Russian evidence for this migration has until now remained largely inaccessible to American scholars. American Beginnings brings together for the first time in one volume the most up-to-date archaeological and palaeoecological evidence on Beringia from both Russia and America.

"An invaluable resource. . . . It will no doubt remain the key reference book for Beringia for many years to come."—Steven Mithen, Journal of Human Evolution

"Extraordinary. The fifty-six contributors . . . represent the most prominent American and Russian researchers in the region."—Choice

"Publication of this well-illustrated compendium is a great service to early American and especially Siberian Upper Paleolithic archaeology."—Nicholas Saunders, New Scientist

"This is a great book . . . perhaps the greatest contribution to the archaeology of Beringia that has yet been published. . . . This is the kind of book to which archaeology should aspire."—Herbert D.G. Maschner, Antiquity

600 pages | 73 halftones, 200 line drawings, 36 maps, 39 tables | 8-1/4 x 10-3/4 | © 1996


Biological Sciences: Paleobiology, Geology, and Paleontology

Earth Sciences: Paleontology

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Concept of Beringia by David M. Hopkins
Preamble: The Study of Beringia by Frederick H. West
Introduction: Reconstructing the Environment by Paul A. Colinvaux
Ch. 1: Geological Records
Late Pleistocene Stratigraphic Sections from Northern Alaska
Thomas D. Hamilton
Late Quaternary Aeolian Deposits of the Holitna Lowland, Interior Southwestern Alaska
Christopher F. Waythomas
Loess-Ice Formation in Northeastern Asia
T. D. Morozova, Andrej A. Velichko.
Palaeogeography of Beringia and Arctida
Savelii V. Tomirdiaro
Ch. 2: Biotic Records
Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Pollen Records from the Southern Brooks Range
Patricia M. Anderson, Linda B. Brubaker.
Pollen Records: Barrow, Pribilof Archipelago, and Imuruk Lake
Paul A. Colinvaux
Pollen Records from Archaeological Sites in the Aldanskiy Region, Sakha Republic
G. M. Savvinova, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva, Yuri A. Mochanov.
Interpretation of the Pollen Records from Late Quaternary Archaeological Sites of the Aldan
Thompson Webb, III
Insect Fossil Evidence on Late Wisconsinan Environments of the Bering Land Bridge
Scott A. Elias
Four Late Pleistocene Large Mammal Localities in Interior Alaska
R. Dale Guthrie
A Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction of the "Mammoth Epoch" of Siberia
Valentina V. Ukraintseva, Larry D. Agenbroad, Jim I. Mead.
Palaeoecology of the Palaeolithic of the Russian Far East
Yaroslav V. Kuzmin
Introduction to the Archaeology of Beringia
John F. Hoffecker
Ch. 3: Aldansk: Aldan River Valley, Sakha Republic
Dyuktai Cave
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Ust-Mil 2
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Ikbine 1 and 2
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Ust-Timpton (Strata Vb-X)
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Kurung 2 (Stratum VI)
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Leten Novyy 1 (Stratum IV)
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
The Dyuktai Site at Km 27 of the Yakutsk-Pokrovsk Highway
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Ch. 4: Priokhotye, Kolyma River Basin, and Kamchatka
Berelekh, Allakhovsk Region
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Mayorych, Yagodinskiy Region, Magadan District
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Kukhtuy 3
Yuri A. Mochanov, Svetlana A. Fedoseeva.
Bolshoi Elgakhchan 1 and 2, Omolon River Basin, Magadan District
Margarita A. Kiryak
Uptar and Kheta: Upper Palaeolithic Sites of the Upper Kolyma Region
Sergei B. Slobodin, Maureen L. King.
The Ushki Sites, Kamchatka Peninsula
Nikolai N. Dikov
Ch. 5: Southern Primorye
Ustinovka 1
Ruslan S. Vasilievsky
Late Palaeolithic Sites of the Russian Maritime Province Primorye
Anatoly M. Kuznetsov
Late Pleistocene Sites of the Selemdga River Basin
Anatoly P. Derevianko
Ch. 6: Central Alaska: Tanana River Valley
Campus Site
Charles M. Mobley
Donnelly Ridge
Frederick H. West
Ralph A. Lively
Broken Mammoth
Charles E. Holmes
Swan Point
Charles E. Holmes, Richard VanderHoek, Thomas E. Dilley
Healy Lake
John P. Cook
Ch. 7: North Central Alaska Range: Nenana and Teklanika Valleys
Teklanika West
Frederick H. West
Dry Creek
John F. Hoffecker, W. Roger Powers, Nancy H. Bigelow.
Owl Ridge
John F. Hoffecker, W. Roger Powers, Peter G. Phippen.
Walker Road
Ted Goebel, W. Roger Powers, Nancy H. Bigelow, Andrew S. Higgs.
Moose Creek
John F. Hoffecker
Panguingue Creek

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