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Distributed for Intellect Ltd

Radical Intimacies

Designing Non-Extractive Relationalities

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

Radical Intimacies

Designing Non-Extractive Relationalities

An extradisciplinary investigation into the radical potentials of design by the global Memefest network.

This book is an investigation of the key aspects of capitalist domination and resistance to it through design; its five sections explore dialogue, power, land, interventions, and radical praxis. Vodeb’s curated chapters engage radical intimacies with design and connects it with media, communication, and art. Radical intimacies imply a closeness to the world created through our relations, which work towards the decolonization of knowledge and the public sphere. The closeness is political as it involves qualities that constitute and enable an alternative and opposition to extractive relationalities imposed by capitalism.

Radical Intimacies connects frameworks on (de)colonization with the work of Memefest, a global network of people interested in social change through radical design. Bringing together original written and visual contributions from around the world, the collection connects universities, practitioners, and social movements. This book explores design as a central domain of thought and action concerned with the meaning and production of sociocultural life. Contributors are interested in design that operates outside the dominant social orders, narrow disciplines and extractive paradigms and imagines and builds new worlds and social relations.

This inter/extradisciplinary collection of original works will interest academics, students, artists, designers, activists, and adventurous professionals who are interested in the crossovers between design, arts, and social change.

348 pages | 50 color plates | 6 3/4 x 9 1/2


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“A diverse collection of chapters ranging from the descriptive and matter-of-fact to the personal and anecdotal, thought-provoking interviews to captivating scholarly writings, Radical Intimacies is essential reading for academics, artists, and activists interested in the crossover between design, arts and social change.”

Stephen Duncombe, New York University

Table of Contents

Intro, Oliver Vodeb

ONE: Dialogue

Oliver Vodeb and Arturo Escobar, Onto-Epistemic Politics of Design
George Petelin, Dialogue, Intimacy and Memefest
Kyle Magee and Oliver Vodeb, How to Participate in the Public Sphere

TWO: Power

Patricio Dávila, Designing Facts: Assembling Survivors, Satellite Data, and Interfaces in the Case Against NATO in the Mediterranean Sea
Mariano Mussi, The Emancipatory Design of Suffering.
Design, Work and Radical Intimacy in the Experience of Suffering.
Daniel Marcus and Oliver Vodeb, Capitalisms Addictions: Design and the Displacement of Intimacy


Eric Jackson, Black Land and Food Sovereignty Praxis: Humanizing and Restoring Intimacies between Land, Food, Culture and Black People
Sam Burch, Seeing country: Decolonization, Timeless Intimacies and an Escape from the Tyranny of the Dead Man’s Vision
Ilaria Vanni and Alexandra Crosby, Seed Ball as Method

FOUR: Interventions

Oliver Vodeb, Design Research as Radical Social Practice
Kevin Lo, Intimacy as Infrastructure, Anecdotes on Graphic Design and Friendship
Keely Macarow, Viral Love
Jane Naylor, What’s in a name? SnackArt and The Ekphrastic Agency.
Tony Credland, Sandy Kaltenborn, Brian Holmes, Design is Not Enough

FIVE: Radical Praxis

Oliver Vodeb, Curated visual works from the Memefest Radical Intimacies Friendly competition
Cleber Rafael de Campos, I have NOT Read and Agreed to the Terms of Use.
Shehab Uddin, Chain of Poverty
Theresa Moso, Playing Nice in the Workplace
Ela Alispahic, Don’t Let Them Bring you Down
Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz; Lucas Miller, Lieutenant John Pike Memeorial Browser Extension
Jeanette Hart-Mann; Chrissie Orr, Seed Broadcast
Noula Diamantopoulos, QUEST
Katharinajej, In the Hammock
Julien Boisvert, Sponsor a Wealthy Child
Tucker McLachlan, Sit-In

Oliver Vodeb, Curated visual works from the extradisciplinary Memefest Radical Intimacies event

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