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Heritage Futures

Comparative Approaches to Natural and Cultural Heritage Practices

Preservation of natural and cultural heritage is often said to be something that is done for the future, or on behalf of future generations, but the precise relationship of such practices to the future is rarely reflected upon. Heritage Futures draws on research undertaken over four years by an interdisciplinary, international team of sixteen researchers and more than twenty-five partner organizations to explore the role of heritage and heritage-like practices in building future worlds. Engaging broad themes such as diversity, transformation, profusion and uncertainty, Heritage Futures aims to understand how a range of conservation and preservation practices across a number of countries assemble and resource different kinds of futures, and the possibilities that emerge from such collaborative research for alternative approaches to heritage in the Anthropocene. Case studies include the cryopreservation of endangered DNA in frozen zoos, nuclear waste management, seed biobanking, landscape rewilding, social history collecting, space messaging, endangered language documentation, built and natural heritage management, household keeping and discarding practices, and world heritage site management.

520 pages | 188 color plates | 9 1/4 x 6 1/4

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Table of Contents

"List of figures

Notes on contributors



Part I: Heritage futures

1. ‘For ever, for everyone …’

Rodney Harrison, Caitlin DeSilvey, Cornelius Holtorf and

Sharon Macdonald

2. Heritage as future-making practices

Rodney Harrison

Part II: Diversity

3. Conserving diversity

Rodney Harrison, Esther Breithoff and Sefryn Penrose

4. Diverse fields: Ex-situ collecting practices

Sefryn Penrose, Rodney Harrison and Esther Breithoff

5. Repositories

Sefryn Penrose, Rodney Harrison and Esther Breithoff

6. Banking time: Trading in futures

Esther Breithoff and Rodney Harrison

7. Proxies

Esther Breithoff

8. Towards the total archive

Rodney Harrison and Esther Breithoff

Cross-theme knowledge-exchange event 1

9. The hundred-thousand-year question
Sefryn Penrose, Rodney Harrison, Cornelius Holtorf and
Sarah May

Part III Profusion

10. Too many things to keep for the future?

Sharon Macdonald, Jennie Morgan and Harald Fredheim

11. Curating museum profusion

Harald Fredheim, Sharon Macdonald and Jennie Morgan

12. Let’s talk!

Harald Fredheim

13. Curating domestic profusion

Jennie Morgan and Sharon Macdonald

14. The Human Bower

Jennie Morgan

15. Doomed?

Sharon Macdonald, Jennie Morgan and Harald Fredheim

Cross-theme knowledge-exchange event 2

16. Collections as techniques of worlding

Rodney Harrison and Sefryn Penrose

Part IV: Uncertainty

17. Uncertain futures

Sarah May and Cornelius Holtorf

18. A shepherd’s futures: Shepherds and World Heritage in the Lake District

Sarah May

19. Toxic heritage: Uncertain and unsafe

Gustav Wollentz, Sarah May, Cornelius Holtorf and

Anders Högberg

20. Micro-messaging/space messaging: A comparative

exploration of #GoodbyePhilae and #MessageToVoyager

Sarah May

21. The one-million-year time capsule

Antony Lyons and Cornelius Holtorf

22. Uncertainty, collaboration and emerging issues

Cornelius Holtorf and Sarah May

Cross-theme knowledge-exchange event 3

23. Transforming loss

Nadia Bartolini and Caitlin DeSilvey

Part V Transformation

24. Living with transformation

Caitlin DeSilvey, Nadia Bartolini and Antony Lyons

25. Fixing naturecultures: Spatial and temporal strategies

for managing heritage transformation and entanglement

Nadia Bartolini

26. Sensitive chaos: Geopoetic flows and wildings in the edgelands

Antony Lyons

27. Signifying transformation

Caitlin DeSilvey, Nadia Bartolini and Antony Lyons

28. Processing change

Caitlin DeSilvey, Nadia Bartolini and Antony Lyons

Part VI: Future heritages

29. Discussion and conclusions

Rodney Harrison, Caitlin DeSilvey, Cornelius Holtorf,

Sharon Macdonald, Nadia Bartolini, Esther Breithoff,

Harald Fredheim, Antony Lyons, Sarah May, Jennie

Morgan and Sefryn Penrose



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