Framing Film

Cinema and the Visual Arts

Edited by Steven Allen and Laura Hubner

Framing Film

Edited by Steven Allen and Laura Hubner

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273 pages | 20 halftones | 7 x 9 | © 2012
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In Framing Film, film studies experts Steven Allen and Laura Hubner draw on a selection of historically and culturally diverse texts to explore the intricate relationships between cinema and the visual arts. Broad in scope, the volume considers a range of visual arts media, including posters, paintings, photography, comic books, and production design. By examining these various forms of media, Allen and Hubner emphasize the ability of visual arts to frame the spectator’s experience of cinema. Among the films and artists considered in this thought-provoking interdisciplinary volume are selections from both the high- and low-brow aspects of culture.

      Steven Allen and Laura Hubner

Part I: Intertextual Relays of Art and Design

1. Crafting Worlds: The Changing Role of the Production Designer
      Ian Christie
2. Adapting Watchmen
      Ian Hague
3. Poster Graphic Design and French Films in Poland after World War II
      Dorota Ostrowska
4. Here’s Johnny! Re-Framing The Shining
      Laura Hubner
Part II: Movement and Stasis

5. Narrativising Pastness: The Photographs of Donald Thomson and Ten Canoes
      Steven Allen
6. The Still Life: DVD Stills Galleries and the Digital Uncanny
      Tina Kendall
7. Leafing Through Cinema
      Matilde Nardelli
Part II: Paintings, Artists and Film
8. Michael and Gertrud: Art and the Artist in the Films of Carl Theodor Dreyer
      David Heinemann
9. Resonances of Nineteenth-Century Realism in Steve McQueen’s Hunger 
      Toni Ross
10. ‘You a Graffiti Artist?’: The Representation of Artists and the Visual Arts in the Film-Making of Martin Scorsese
      Leighton Grist
Part IV: Evocative Frames
11. Framing Loneliness in Painting and Film
      David Morrison
12. Grievability and Precariousness in Alain Resnais’s Hiroshima, mon amour, Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir and Alexander Sokurov’s Alexandra
      Dennis Rothermel
13. ‘un cinéma impur’: Framing Film in the Early Film Industry
      Judith Buchanan

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