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Distributed for Intellect Ltd

Experimental Dining

Performance, Experience and Ideology in Contemporary Creative Restaurants

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

Experimental Dining

Performance, Experience and Ideology in Contemporary Creative Restaurants

A provocative study of the creative dining experience as a multisensory performance.

Experimental Dining examines the work of four of the world’s leading creative restaurants: el Bulli in Catalonia, the Fat Duck in Berkshire, Noma in Copenhagen, and Alinea in Chicago. The author contends that the work of the experimental restaurant, while operating explicitly within an economy of experiences, is not absolutely determined by that political and economic context. Exploring gastronomy as experience, Paul Geary examines the restaurants’ creative methods and the broader ideological discourses within which they operate. Bringing together ideas around food, philosophy, performance, and cultural politics, the book offers an interdisciplinary understanding of the world of experimental experiential dining.

244 pages | 4 halftones | 6 3/4 x 9 1/2

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Table of Contents


            The Restaurants: elBulli, The Fat Duck, Noma and Alinea               

            Philosophical Approach                                                                            

            Food, Art and Performance                                                                      

            Arguments and Structure of the Book                                                    


Chapter 1 Preparation: The Creative World of the Restaurants                   

1.1 Restaurant Philosophy            

1.2 Constructing the World                        

1.3 Creative Methods and Approaches

1.4 Technoemotional Cuisine            


Interlude 1 Progression: Italian Futurism and Technoemotional Cuisine 


Chapter 2 Presentation: Performances of the Restaurants                          

            2.1 Performing Front of House                                                                

            2.2 Reading the Menu                                                                               

            2.3 Food Forms                                                                                          


Interlude 2 Produced: Mediated Dining                                                             


Chapter 3 Perception: Sensory and Sensual Experiences                           

            3.1 Immediacy                                                                                            

            3.2 Orality: Language                                                                                

            3.3 Orality: Sex                                                                                            

            3.4 Culinary Deconstruction                                                                     


Interlude 3 Pop-Up: Food, Performance, Philosophy                                     


Chapter 4 Processing: Making Sense                                                               

            4.1 Making Sense                                                                                      

            4.2 Food Narratives                                                                                               

            4.3 Aesthetic Processing                                                              


Interlude 4 Posterity: Documenting Experiences                                            


Chapter 5 Payoff: Political and Economic Frames of Experience                

            5.1 Enjoyment and Excess                                                                                   

            5.2 Politics of the Seasonal and the Local                                            

            5.3 Experiences                                                                                          




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