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Distributed for UCL Press

Brexit and Beyond

Rethinking the Futures of Europe

Distributed for UCL Press

Brexit and Beyond

Rethinking the Futures of Europe

Brexit bears serious consequences not just for Britain but for Europe and the broader balance of global order. Yet most discussions of Brexit have focused on the causes of the “Leave” vote and its implications for the future of British politics.

Drawing the discussion of Brexit beyond Britain, Benjamin Martill, Uta Staiger, and a team of twenty-eight contributors explore the consequences for Europe and the European Union. Marshaling the perspectives and methodologies of a diverse range of disciplines, the contributors chart the likely effects of Brexit on institutional relations, law, political economy, foreign affairs, democratic governance, and the idea of Europe itself. While the contributors at times offer divergent predictions for the future of Europe after Brexit, they share the conviction that careful analysis is in needed—now more than ever—if we are to understand what lies ahead.

Brexit and Beyond is the first book to focus on the broader consequences of Brexit, and its clear, comprehensive, and trenchant analysis will be invaluable to understanding the complex effects.

312 pages | 3 illustrations | 6 x 9 1/4 | © 2018

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“This book explores wonderfully well the bombshell of Brexit: is it a uniquely British phenomenon or part of a wider, existential crisis for the EU? As the tensions and complexities of the Brexit negotiations come to the fore, the collection of essays by leading scholars will prove a very valuable reference for their depth of analysis, their lucidity, and their outlining of future options.”

Kevin Featherstone, London School of Economics and Political Science

Brexit and Beyond is a must read. It moves the ongoing debate about what Brexit actually means to a whole new level. While many scholars to date have examined the reasons for the British decision to leave, the crucial question of what Brexit will mean for the future of the European project is often overlooked. No longer. Brexit and Beyond bundles the perspectives of leading scholars of European integration. By doing so, it provides a much needed scholarly guidepost for our understanding of the significance of Brexit, not only for the United Kingdom, but also for the future of the European continent.”

Catherine E. De Vries, University of Essex and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Brexit and Beyond provides a fascinating (and comprehensive) analysis on the how and why the UK has found itself on the path to exiting the European Union. The talented cast of academic contributors is drawn from a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise and this provides a breadth and depth to the analysis of Brexit that is unrivalled. The volume also provides large amounts of expert-informed speculation on the future of both the EU and UK and which is both stimulating and anxiety-inducing.”

Richard Whitman, University of Kent

“A wide-ranging and thought-provoking tour through the vagaries of British exit, with the question of Europe’s fate never far from sight. . . . Brexit is a wake-up call for the EU. How it responds is an open question—but respond it must. To better understand its options going forward you should turn to this book.”


Table of Contents

"Introduction: Brexit and beyond
Benjamin Martill and Uta Staiger

Part One Actors and institutions

I: Brexit and the UK

1. Cameron’s European legacy: How Brexit demonstrates
the flawed politics of simple solutions
Andrew Glencross

2. Brexit and the improvised constitution
Albert Weale

3. Is the EU ‘a crap 1950s idea’?: Dominic Cummings,
branching histories and the case for Leave
Glyn Morgan

4. How British was the Brexit vote?
Gráinne de Búrca

II: Europe’s institutional order
5. Brexit: Yet another crisis for the EU
Neill Nugent

6. The implications of Brexit for the future of Europe
Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun

7. Decentralised federalism: A new model for the EU
Simon Hix

8. Seven Brexit propositions: Towards a Union that protects
Luuk van Middelaar
III: The Member States

9. Britain’s singular other: Germany and the Brexit crisis
William E. Paterson

10. France, Britain and Brexit
Helen Drake

1. Brexit and Ireland: Collateral damage?
Nicholas Wright

12. Something new under the sun?: The lessons of
Algeria and Greenland
Kiran Klaus Patel

Part Two Issues and policies

IV: The political economy of Europe

13. What impact will Brexit have on the euro area?
Waltraud Schelkle

14. The Brexit iceberg
Chris Bickerton

15. The new crisis of ungovernability
Abby Innes

V: Law and justice

16. The ties that bind: Securing information-sharing after Brexit
Deirdre Curtin

17. Citizenship and free movement in a changing EU:
Navigating an archipelago of contradictions
Jo Shaw

18. The Emperor has no clothes: Brexit and the UK constitution
Piet Eeckhout

VI: Europe in the world

19. Britain against the world?: Foreign and security policy
in the ‘age of Brexit’
Amelia Hadfield
20. Turning back the clock: The illusion of a global political
role for Britain
Christopher Hill

21. A speculation on the future of Europe
John R. Gillingham

VII: Democracy and legitimacy

22. Whither the 27?
Michael Shackleton

23. Sustainable integration in a demoicratic polity: A new
(or not so new) ambition for the EU after Brexit
Kalypso Nicolaïdis

24. Losing control: Brexit and the demoi-cratic disconnect
Richard Bellamy

VIII: The idea of Europe

25. The heart of the matter: Emotional politics in the
new Europe
Uta Staiger

26. Square peg, round hole: Why the EU can’t fix identity
Turkuler Isiksel

27. Fair Brexit for a just Europe
Philippe Van Parijs


28. Rethinking the futures of Europe
Uta Staiger and Benjamin Martill"

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