The Art and Science of Screenwriting

Second Edition

Philip Parker

The Art and Science of Screenwriting

Philip Parker

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

224 pages | 6 7/8 x 9
Paper $28.50 ISBN: 9781841509655 Published February 2006 Not for sale in the United Kingdom or Europe
In an age where many see screenwriters as the storytellers of the new century and everyone appears to be trying to write a screenplay, this book provides the framework for you to write a great screenplay. It goes beyond the concerns of act structure and the merits of story-driven – as opposed to character-driven – screenplays to tackle the real complexities of writing a compelling screenplay.

This second edition contains:
• the different layouts for film, television, documentary and corporate screenplays
• a detailed analysis of what is required from a premise, an outline, a step outline, a treatment and a first draft
• a simple stage by stage guide to the inevitable re-write
• tips on finding an agent.

This new approach to writing for film and television covers everything from finding an idea to writing a finished screenplay. The author’s framework, ’A Creative Matrix’, brings together all the elements of screenplay writing - from story, character, theme, and dramatic structure to plot, genre, tone and style in an understandable way that is easy to follow. His analysis includes illustrating what comprises a good thriller, identifying the different types of sit-com, and showing the qualities of a screen romance that both works and convinces.

The author uses examples from across European, American and World Cinema, as well as television, and this revised edition now contains a comprehensive index.

1. Creative Confusion

2. A Creative Matrix

3. Tools of the Trade

4. Developing a Screen Idea

5. From Stories to Themes

6. Revealing Form and Plot

7. Explorations of Genre and Style

8. The Rewrite

9. Screen Business

10. A Few Final Words

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