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The Agon in Classical Literature

Studies in Honour of Professor Chris Carey

A collection of essays on the topical concept of agon in Greek literature.

The papers collected in this volume are offered by colleagues and former students in honor of Chris Carey, emeritus professor of Greek at University College London. The multifaceted topic of the agon, or contest of word, and its varying representations in Greek literature aptly corresponds to the outstanding variety of Carey’s research interests, which include the works of Homer, lyric poetry, drama, law, rhetoric, and historiography. This volume sets out to reflect on facets of the agon across these literary genres and the pivotal role of competition in ancient Greek thought. It aims to explore the wide range of agonal dynamics, and their generic and cultural value, as well as stimulating fresh discussions under a broad spectrum of theoretical and methodological approaches.

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Table of Contents

Athanasios Efstathiou

Ioanna Karamanou: The agon in its literary and ideological contexts

I. The agonistic poetics of epos and early lyric, and their Hellenistic reception

Agonistic epic interactions: the appalling punishment of Odysseus’ servants in Odyssey 22
Ioannis Lambrou:

The agon as literary motif in representations of the lyric poets
Theodora A. Hadjimichael

The poets’ voice against slander: Pindar (Pythian 2.53-6, 72-88), Callimachus’ Apollo Lyc(e)ius and other poetic ‘animals’
Flora P. Manakidou

The golden age and traces of iambic mockery in bucolic agon
Ana Petkovic

II. Debates on stage

Agon at play: rhetorical debate in Greek tragedy
Akrivi Taousiani

The dynamics of agon in Sophocles’ Electra
Styliani Papastamati

Euripides’ agonistic rhetoric: the formal debates in the Alexandros
Ioanna Karamanou

A later treatment of the agon-scene in Euripides’ Phoenissae
Georgia Xanthaki-Karamanou

The agon in a modern Greek production of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata
Stavroula Kiritsi

The agon in middle comedy
Athina Papachrysostomou

III. The notion of agon in Greek thought and philosophical discourse

Agön of excellence in ancient Greek thought and literature
Ioannis N. Perysinakis

Anger in Socrates’ philosophy
Manuela Irarrazabal

Socrates’ combat against Proteus in Plato’s dialogues
Liana Lomiento

Agon: an Aristotelian way of life
Maria Liatsi

IV: Agonistic Rhetoric

We are the champions: the role of agonistic metaphors in the political discourse of classical Greece
Jakub Filonik

Irony as a rhetorical tactic in Lysias’ dicastic agones
Eleni Volonaki

Brenda Griffith-Williams, ? ??? ???? ?? µ????? a?t???, ???? pe?? t?? µe??st??: competition for inheritance in ancient Greece

Iphigeneia Giannadaki, Meden aprobouleuton? Dem. 22 and the management of the ekklesia’s business

The agon in Isaeus. A laudatio for Chris Carey
Mike Edwards

Christopher Carey – curriculum vitae

General Index

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