The Audience Experience

A Critical Analysis of Audiences in the Performing Arts

Edited by Jennifer Radbourne, Hilary Glow, and Katya Johanson

The Audience Experience

Edited by Jennifer Radbourne, Hilary Glow, and Katya Johanson

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160 pages | 15 halftones | 6 x 9
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The Audience Experience identifies a momentous change in what it means to be part of an audience for a live arts performance. Together, new communication technologies and new kinds of audiences and audience research have transformed the expectations of performance, and The Audience Experience explores key trends in the contemporary presentation of performing arts for audiences, among them convergence marketing and cocreation, children and young people as audiences, and the screening of live performance. The book also presents case studies of audience engagement and methodology, reviewing both conventional and innovative ways of collecting and using audience feedback data. Directed to performing arts companies, sponsors, stakeholders, and scholars, this collection of essays moves beyond the conventional arts marketing paradigm to build new knowledge about how audiences encounter, value and experience quality in the performing arts.





Chapter 1: Knowing and Measuring the Audience Experience

      Jennifer Radbourne, Hilary Glow and Katya Johanson

Chapter 2: “Live at a Cinema Near You”: How Audiences Respond to Digital Streaming of the Arts

      Martin Barker

Chapter 3: Challenging Cultural Authority: A Case Study in Participative Audience Engagement

      Hilary Glow

Chapter 4: All the World’s a Stage: Venues and Settings, and Their Role in Shaping Patterns of Arts Participation

      Alan Brown

Chapter 5: In the Context of Their Lives: How Audience Members Make Sense of Performing Arts Experiences

      Lois-Foreman Wernet and Brenda Dervin

Chapter 6: Amateurs as Audiences: Reciprocal Relationships between Playing and Listening to Music

      Stephanie E. Pitts

Chapter 7: The Longer Experience: Theatre for Young Audiences and Enhancing Engagement

      Matthew Reason

Chapter 8: Innovative Methods of Inquiry into Arts Engagement

      Lisa Baxter, Daragh O’Reilly and Elizabeth Carnegie

Chapter 9: Structure and Aesthetics in Audience Responses to Dance

      Kim Vincs

Chapter 10: Converging with Audiences

      Jennifer Radbourne

Chapter 11: Listening to the Audience: Methods for a New Era of Audience Research

      Katya Johanson


Review Quotes
"A collection of essays based in recent empirical experiments, this volume aims to shift the goals of audience research away from the marketing of cultural products and toward the investigation of aesthetic experience....Recommended."
“This is a field of scholarship that is entirely new to me, and yet I was able to read several of the articles as introductions to the existing debates. These are some of the most pressing issues in the arts of our time, and as an accessible primer to some of the methods and theories that are available The Audience Experience may prove valuable to many.”
Ivan Wadeson, Arts Professional
“Useful and stimulating.”
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