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University of Chicago Readings in Western Civilization, Volume 6

Early Modern Europe: Crisis of Authority

John W. Boyer and Julius Kirshner, General Editors
The University of Chicago Readings in Western Civilization (nine volumes) makes available to students and teachers a unique selection of primary documents, many in new translations. These readings, prepared for the highly praised Western civilization sequence at the University of Chicago, were chosen by an outstanding group of scholars whose experience teaching that course spans almost four decades. Each volume includes rarely anthologized selections as well as standard, more familiar texts; a bibliography of recommended parallel readings; and introductions providing background for the selections. Beginning with Periclean Athens and concluding with twentieth-century Europe, these source materials enable teachers and students to explore a variety of critical approaches to important events and themes in Western history.

Individual volumes provide essential background reading for courses covering specific eras and periods. The complete nine-volume series is ideal for general courses in history and Western civilization sequences.

The table of contents for all nine volumes in the RWC series.

618 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1987

Readings in Western Civilization

History: European History

Table of Contents

Series Editor Foreword
Note on Volume 6

General Introduction

Cohesion and Division: Political Thought and the Making of States
Two Northern European States
1. Sir Thomas Smith, De Republica Anglorum
2. Gregory King, Naturall and Political Observations upon the State and Condition of England
3. Sir William Temple, Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands
The Justification of Resistance
4. John Knox, The Appellation to the Nobility
5. Phillippe Duplessis-Mornay, Vindiciae contra Tyrannos
6. Juan de Mariana, The King and the Education of the King
7. John Lilburne, A Work of the Beast
Allegiance and Sovereignty
8. James VI and I, The Trew Law of Free Monarchies
9. Jean Bodin, Six Books of a Commonweale

The English Revolution

The King of Parliament
10. The Calling of the Long Parliament (Selections from Clarendon)
11. The Root and Branch Petition (11 December 1640)
12. The Triennial Act (15 February 1641)
13. The Grand Remonstrance
14. The King’s Answer to the Grand Remonstrance
From Civil War to Revolution
15. The Nineteen Propositions (1 June 1642)
16. The King’s Answer to the Nineteen Propositions
17. J. Sprigge, Anglia Rediviva (The Battle of Naseby)
18. Oliver Cromwell to Speaker Lenthall (14 June 1645)
19. The Declaration of 30 April 1646
20. The Army’s Declaration of 14 June 1647
21. An Agreement of the People
22. The Putney Debates
The King and the Monarchy
23. The Army Agreement (15 January 1649)
24. The Trial of Charles I
25. King Charles, His Speech on the Scaffold
26. John Gauden, Eikon Basilike
27. John Milton, Eikonoklastes
From Commonwealth to Restoration
28. The Establishment of the Commonwealth
29. The Adultery Act (1650)
30. The Instrument of Government
31. Sir Henry Vane, A Healing Question Propounded
32. Cromwell’s Speech to the Parliament of 1656 (17 September 1656)
33. The Declaration of Breda

The Scientific Revolution

The New Cosmos and the Old
34. Galileo Galilei
35. Agostino Scilla, Vain Speculations Undeceived by the Senses
36. Blaise Pascal, Pensées XV, Transition from Knowledge of Man to Knowledge of God
37. Roger Cotes, Preface to Newton’s Principia
38. Isaac Newton, Principia Mathematica
The Institutions of Science
39. Letters and Memoranda to Colbert
40. Academy of Sciences (Académie royale des sciences), Statutes


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