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University of Chicago Readings in Western Civilization, Volume 2

Rome: Late Republic and Principate

John W. Boyer and Julius Kirshner, General Editors
The University of Chicago Readings in Western Civilization (nine volumes) makes available to students and teachers a unique selection of primary documents, many in new translations. These readings, prepared for the highly praised Western civilization sequence at the University of Chicago, were chosen by an outstanding group of scholars whose experience teaching that course spans almost four decades. Each volume includes rarely anthologized selections as well as standard, more familiar texts; a bibliography of recommended parallel readings; and introductions providing background for the selections. Beginning with Periclean Athens and concluding with twentieth-century Europe, these source materials enable teachers and students to explore a variety of critical approaches to important events and themes in Western history.

Individual volumes provide essential background reading for courses covering specific eras and periods. The complete nine-volume series is ideal for general courses in history and Western civilization sequences.

The table of contents for all nine volumes in the RWC series.

324 pages | 6 x 9-1/4 | © 1986

Readings in Western Civilization

Ancient Studies

History: Ancient and Classical History

Table of Contents

Series Editor Foreword
General Introduction

Political Ideas and Practices, from Republic to Principate
1. Polybius, History (Selections)
2. Quintus Cicero, Handbook on Canvassing for the Consulship
3. Sallust, The War with Catiline
4. Cicero, Letter to Quintus(1)
5. Caelius Rufus, Letter to Cicero
6. Cicero, Letter to Paetus
7. Horace, Sixteenth Epode
8. Vergil, Fourth Eclogue
9. Augustus, Record of His Accomplishments
10. Tacitus, Annals (Selection)
11. Tacitus, Histories (Selection)
12. Pliny the Younger, Panegyric to Trajan (Selections)

Rome and Its Subjects

13. Cicero, Letter to Quintus (2)
14. Two Trials for Provincial Misgovernment
15. Municipal Charters and Regulations
16. Oversight of Municipal Affairs in Bithynia
17. Aristides, To Rome (Selections)

Legal Foundations of Roman Society: The Status of Persons under the Law

18. Justinian, Institutes (Selections)

Preoccupations of Public and Private Life

19. Cato the Censor, On Agriculture (Selections)
20. Columella, On Farming (Selections)
21. Cornelius Nepos, Life of Atticus
22. The Funeral Eulogy of Turia
23. Wills
24. Masters Murdered by Slaves
25. Two Prayers
26. Official Reaction to Two Alien Cults
27. Quintilian, The Training of the Orator, Book 1 (Selections)

Problems of the Late Roman Empire

28. Diocletian, Price Edict (Selections)
29. On Military Matters (Selections)
30. The Theodosian Code (Selections)
31. Priscus, History (Selections)


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