Paper $26.00 ISBN: 9780226144849 Published September 2007
Cloth $62.00 ISBN: 9780226144832 Published February 1993


The Jews from Spain

Paloma Díaz-Mas


Paloma Díaz-Mas

Edited and translated by George K. Zucker
250 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1992
Paper $26.00 ISBN: 9780226144849 Published September 2007
Cloth $62.00 ISBN: 9780226144832 Published February 1993
Here, in a single volume, is the first comprehensive history in English of the Sephardim—descendants of the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. Paloma Díaz-Mas recounts the journey and customs of this fascinating group as they moved across the globe. They settled initially in Mediterranean Europe, the Low Countries, North Africa, and the Turkish Empire, but in the nineteenth century, a second diaspora brought the Sephardim to the United States, South America, Israel, and Western Europe. She traces the origins and survival of their unique language and explores the literature they produced. Their relationship to Spain is also uncovered, as well as their everyday lives. Sephardim is an authoritative and completely accessible investigation of the history and legacy of this amazing people.
Translator’s Foreword
1. Historical Background
Jews in the Iberian Peninsula
Sephardic Judaism
Recommended Reading
2. History of the Sephardim
Exile to Christian Countries
Sephardim in the East
Sephardim in Morocco
The Second Diaspora
Recommended Reading
3. Language
Jewish Languages and the Speech of Spanish Jews in the Middle Ages
The Names of the Language
Judeo-Spanish: A Fossilized Language?
Judeo-Spanish in the Levant
Haketia: Moroccan Judeo-Spanish
Language Registers
Current Status
The Writing System
Recommended Reading
4. Literature
The Bible and Religious Literature
The Coplas
Traditional Genres
Adopted Genres
Recommended Reading
5. The Sephardim and Spain
Spain’s Reaction to the Sephardim
Sephardic Reaction to Spain
Recommended Reading
6. The Sephardim Today
Current Worldwide Status
Sephardim in Spain
Sephardic Studies
Recommended Reading
Translator’s Additional Bibliography

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