Selected Poems of Victor Hugo

A Bilingual Edition

Victor Hugo

Selected Poems of Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo

Translated by E.H. Blackmore and A.M. Blackmore
664 pages | 11 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 2001
Paper $33.00 ISBN: 9780226359816 Published June 2004
Although best known as the author of Notre Dame de Paris and Les Misérables, Victor Hugo was primarily a poet—one of the most important and prolific in French history. Despite his renown, however, there are few comprehensive collections of his verse available and even fewer translated editions.

Translators E. H. and A. M. Blackmore have collected Victor Hugo’s essential verse into a single, bilingual volume that showcases all the facets of Hugo’s oeuvre, including intimate love poems, satires against the political establishment, serene meditations, religious verse, and narrative poems illustrating his mastery of the art of storytelling and his abiding concern for the social issues of his time. More than half of this volume’s eight thousand lines of verse appear here for the first time in English, providing readers with a new perspective on each of the fascinating periods of Hugo’s career and aspects of his style. Introductions to each section guide the reader through the stages of Hugo’s writing, while notes on individual poems provide information not found in even the most detailed French-language editions.

Illustrated with Hugo’s own paintings and drawings, this lucid translation—available on the eve of Hugo’s bicentenary—pays homage to this towering figure of nineteenth-century literature by capturing the energy of his poetry, the drama and satirical force of his language, and the visionary beauty of his writing as a whole.
Lists of Illustrations
from Odes et ballades / Odes and Ballads (1822-8)
from Les Orientales / Orientalia (1829)
from Feuilles d’ automne / Autumn Leaves (1831)
from Les Chants du crépuscule / Songs of the Half-Light (1835)
from Les Vooix intérieures / Inner Voices (1837)
from Les Rayones et les ombres / Sunlight and Shadows (1840)
from Les Châtiments / The Empire in the Pillory (1853)
from Les Contemplations / Contemplations (1856)
from Chansons des rues et des bois / Songs of Street and Wood (1865)
from L’Année terrible / The Year of Horrors (1872)
from Les Quatre Vents de l’esprit / The Four Winds of the Spirit (1881)
from La Légende des siècles / The Legend of the Ages (1859-83)
from La Fin de Satan / The End of Satan (1886)
from Dieu / God (1891)
from Toute la lyre / The Whole Lyre (1888-97)
from Les Années funestes / The Fateful Years (1898)
from Dernière Gerbe / Last Gleanings (1902)
from Océan / Ocean (1942)
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Index of Titles and First Lines

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