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Sourcebook on the Environment

A Guide to the Literature

The Sourcebook on the Environment, produced in conjunction with the Association of American Geographers, provides a much-needed, objective, and comprehensive guide to environmental studies. Twenty-six specialists have compiled and critically annotated commentaries on the sources treating a broad spectrum of crucial issues, ranging from resource scarcity to the environmental impact of urbanization. Their syntheses of information encompass questions of both long-range value ("Environment and the Quality of Life") and immediate utility ("Solid Waste and Resource Recovery") as well as thoroughgoing state-of-the-art reviews ("Energy and the Environment").

Beginning with an introduction to various philosophies and perspectives, the Sourcebook examines major elements of the environment and selected case studies of human alteration of our surroundings. The essential references in each field are carefully presented, and directions are given for examining more advanced and specialized works. Appendixes on selected periodicals, the latest relevant federal legislation, and environmental organizations point to further areas of investigation. To maintain its value in this volatile area, this indispensable work will be periodically revised and updated.

624 pages | 6.75 x 9.50 | © 1978

Earth Sciences: Environment

Geography: Geography--Reference

Table of Contents

1. Environmental Perspectives and Prospects
1. Conceptual Frameworks for the Study of Humans and Their Environment
George Macinko
2. Environment and the Quality of Life
Yi-Fu Tuan
3. Resource Scarcity: A Persistent Environmental Concern
James K. Mitchell
4. The Factor of Scale: Ecosystem, Landscape Mosaic, and Region
David H. Miller
5. Ecosystem Models and Energy-Flow Analysis
Joshua C. Dickinson, III
6. Space and Authority: The Dimensions of Institutional Response
Rutherford H. Platt
7. Prospects for Future Urban Settlement and Land Use
Donald G. Janelle
8. The Limits-to-Growth Controversy
Daniel B. Luten
2. Environmental Modification: Case Studies
9. Impact of Transportation Technology on the Environment
Richard K. Brail
10. Impact of Industrial Activity on Water Quality
Michael R. Greenberg
11. Impact of Human Pressure on Parks, Wilderness, and Other Recreation Lands
Robert C. Lucas
12. Impact of Human Activity on Wildlife
Hartmut Walter
13. Agricultural Activities and Environmental Stress
Ian R. Manners
14. Environmental Impact of Mining
Walter R. Hibbard, Jr.
15. Environmental Impact of Urbanization
Spenser W. Havlick
16. Solid Waste and Resource Recovery
Garrett A. Smith
3. Major Elements of the Environment
17. Air and Air Quality
John R. Mather
18. Water and Water Quality
Jack P. Mrowka
19. Landforms and Soils
Donald O. Doehring
20. Vegetation
Marvin W. Mikesell
21. Animals in the Biosphere
Robin W. Doughty
22. The Coastal Zone
Evelyn L. Pruitt and others
23. Human Population and the Environment
Wilbur Zelinsky
24. Energy and Environment
Earl Cook
4. Research Aids
Appendix A - Selected Periodicals of Environmental Interest
Kenneth A. Hammond
Appendix B - Review of Federal Environmental Legislation
Daniel P. Beard
Appendix C - Selected List of Environmental Organizations
Daniel P. Beard
Author Index
Subject Index

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