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Soviet Natural Resources in the World Economy

Russia is a huge storehouse of natural resources, including oil, gas, and other energy sources, which she can trade with the rest of the world for advanced technology and wheat. In this book, leading experts evaluate the Soviet potential in major energy and industrial raw materials, giving special attention to implications for the world economy to the end of the twentieth century.

The authors examine the mineral and forest resources that the Soviet Union has developed and may yet develop to provide exports during the 1980s. They discuss the regional dimension of these resources, especially in Siberia and the Soviet Far East; individual mineral raw materials, such as petroleum, natural gas, timber, iron ore, manganese, and gold; and finally the role of raw materials in Soviet foreign trade.

The authors, representing the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, are primarily geographers, but they include economists, political scientists, and a geologist. Their work is based on primary sources (for most of these reports, current information is no longer being released to researchers) and on interviews with Soviet officials.

720 pages | 109 illustrations | 8.50 x 11.00 | © 1983

Economics and Business: Economics--Agriculture and Natural Resources, Economics--International and Comparative

Geography: Economic Geography

Table of Contents

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Editors’ Preface
Note on Transliteration
Part I: Introduction
1. Soviet Natural Resources in a Global Context
Robert G. Jensen
Part II: Soviet Resource Development: The Regional Dimension
2. The Regional Perspective in Soviet Resource Development
Robert G. Jensen
3. Environmental Constraints to the Economic Development of Siberia
Victor L. Mote
4. Regional Manpower Resources and Resource Development in the USSR: 1970-90
Robert A. Lewis
5. The Impact of Recent Trends in Soviet Foreign Trade on Regional Economic Development in the USSR
Robert N. North
6. Soviet Decision Making in Regional Planning and Its Potential Impact on Siberian Resource Exports
George Huzinec
7. The Baikal-Amur Mainline and Its Implications for the Pacific Basin
Victor L. Mote
8. Commodity Flows, Resource Potential and Regional Economic Development: The Example of the Soviet Far East
Allan L. Rodgers
9. Siberian Resource Development and the Japanese Economy: The Japanese Perspective
Richard L. Edmonds
10. Siberian Development and East Asia: The Strategic Dimension
Allen S. Whiting
Part III: Soviet Energy and Industrial Raw Materials: Policy, Problems, and Potential
11. The Soviet Potential in Natural Resources: An Overview
Theodore Shabad
12. Soviet Energy Policy and the Fossil Fuels
Leslie Dienes
13. Estimating Demand for Energy in the Centrally Planned Economies
Judith Thornton
14. Soviet Petroleum: History, Technology, Geology, Reserves, Potential and Policy
Arthur A. Meyerhoff
15. Soviet Natural Gas in the World Economy
Jonathan P. Stern
16. The Regional Dimensions of Soviet Energy Policy
Leslie Dienes
17. Regional Dilemmas and International Prospects in the Soviet Timber Industry
Brenton M. Barr
18. The Role of Imported Technology in the Export Potential of Soviet Forest Products
Kathleen Braden
19. Soviet Iron Ore: Its Domestic and World Implications
Tony Misko and Craig ZumBrunnen
20. Modeling the Optimal Commodity Flow Patterns within Soviet Ferrous Metallurgy: Implications for Soviet Iron Ore and Coking Coal Exports
Craig ZumBrunnen, Jeffrey Osleeb, Charles Morrow-Jones, and Karl Johansen
21. Soviet Manganese Ores: Output and Export
W. A. Douglas Jackson
22. Soviet Chromite Ores: Output and Export
W. A. Douglas Jackson
23. Nickel and Platinum in the Soviet Union
Russell B. Adams
24. The Soviet Gold-Mining Industry
Michael Kaser
25. Resource Valuation and the Efficiency of Soviet Resource Production and Use
Judith Thornton
Part IV: The Role of Raw Materials in Soviet Foreign Trade
26. Soviet Natural Resource Exports and the World Market
Arthur W. Wright
27. The Changing Role of Raw Materials Exports and Soviet Foreign Trade
Marshall I. Goldman
28. Soviet Primary Product Exports to CMEA and the West
Edward A. Hewett
29. Energy Dependence and Policy Options in Eastern Europe
George W. Hoffman
30. Foreign Economic Constraints on Soviet Raw Material Development in the 1980s
Lawrence J. Brainard
Part V: Implications
31. The Implications of Soviet Raw Materials for the World Economy
Robert G. Jensen, Theodore Shabad, and Arthur W. Wright
List of Contributors

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