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The Modern Movement

A TLS Companion

For the past ninety years the Times Literary Supplement has scrutinized, dissected, applauded, and occasionally disparaged the work of the twentieth century’s leading writers. It has taken a major role in the making—and breaking—of literary reputations.

In The Modern Movement, John Gross has assembled an entertaining selection of 155 articles and reviews about and by the great figures of literary modernism. The focus is on twelve key modernist writers: W. B. Yeats, Ezra Pound, D. H. Lawrence, James Joyce, T. S. Eliot, Wyndham Lewis, Virginia Wolf, W. H. Auden, Marcel Proust, Thomas Mann, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Franz Kafka. Another section gathers ten reviews and articles by Eliot and Woolf on then current writers and writing. In addition, there are more general articles on literary trends and issues by such prominent writers and critics as Anthony Burgess, Wallace Stevens, Anthony Powell, and Erich Heller.

This fascinating array reveals early opinions on what have come to be the classics of modernist literature. Readers will be treated to astute and often surprising opinions of their favorite writers on the most important literature of this century.

336 pages | 5-3/8 x 8-1/2 | © 1992

The TLS Companions Series

Literature and Literary Criticism: General Criticism and Critical Theory

Table of Contents

Introduction by John Gross
I. Twelve Writers Reviewed
W. B. Yeats
Mr. Yeats in Middle Age, by Harold Child
The Memories of Mr. Yeats, by Arthur Clutton-Brock
Mr. Yeats’s Dreams, by Edward Shanks
Mr. Yeats’s New Poems, by Austin Clarke
The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats, by Alex Glendinning
Yeats’s Inner Drama, by Austin Clarke
The Mystery of Yeats, by Harold Child
Yeats in Youth and Maturity, by Joseph Hone
Ezra Pound
Some Recent Verse, by Harold Child
Poems from Cathay, by Arthur Clutton-Brock
Diversities and Provocations, by Arthur Clutton-Brock
An American Poet, by Richard Aldington
Mr. Ezra Pound, by Alex Glendinning
Homage to Propertius, by N. C. Smith
The Fifth Decad of Cantos, by Hugh I’Anson Fausset
The Poems of Ezra Pound, by Peter Russell
The Poet as Translator, by G. S. Fraser
His Name in the Record, by Christine Brooke-Rose
D. H. Lawrence
Sons and Lovers, by W. J. Lancaster
Postscript or Prelude, by Virginia Woolf
Women in Love, by Edmund Blunden
Aaron’s Rod, by Harold Child
St. Mawr, by A. S. McDowall
D. H. Lawrence, by John Middleton Murry
Apropos of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by Philip Tomlinson
Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by Orlo Williams
Letters of D. H. Lawrence, by A. S. McDowall
Portrait of D. H. Lawrence, by Malcolm Muggeridge
Dr. Leavis on D. H. Lawrence, by John Middleton Murry
A Man in his Senses, by Rayner Heppenstall
Friends and Enemies, by A. H. Gomme
James Joyce
Dubliners, by E. E. Mavrogordato
Wild Youth, by Arthur Clutton-Brock
Pomes Penyeach, by Alan Clutton-Brock
Mr. Joyce’s Experiment, by Alan Clutton-Brock
A Guide to "Ulysses", by Alex Glendinning
Mr. Joyce’s Experiments, by Alex Glendinning
Interpretations of "Ulysses", by Alan Clutton-Brock
The Progress of Mr. Joyce, by R. A. Scott-James
Mr. Joyce Expresses Himself, by R. A. Scott-James
The Significance of James Joyce, by Philip Tomlinson
Exagmination of Joyce, by Anthony Powell
The Master Builder, by Anthony Cronin
Ulysses Returns, by Rayner Heppenstall
An Old-Fashioned Radical, by Richard Ellmann and Craig Raine
Bloomsday 1982, by Eric Korn
T. S. Eliot
Prufrock and Other Observations, by F. T. Dalton
A New Bryonism, by Arthur Clutton-Brock
Poetry and Criticism, by Arthur Clutton-Brock
A Fragmentary Poem, by Edgell Rickword
Mr. Eliot’s New Essays, by Geoffrey West
Among These Rocks, by Edmund Blunden
After Strange Gods, by Alan Clutton-Brock
Mr. Eliot in Search of the Present, by G. Buchanan
Mr. T. S. Eliot’s Confession, by Philip Tomlinson
East Coker, by F. R. Leavis
Mr. T. S. Eliot’s Progress, by Philip Tomlinson
Midwinter Spring, by Hugh I’Anson Fausset
A Great Man Gone, by G. S. Fraser
Intense Transparencies, by Christopher Ricks
The Comprehensive Ideal, by John Casey
The Modernist malgré lui, by Donald Davie
T. S. Eliot, by Gabriel Josipovici
Wyndham Lewis
A Scientific Experiment, by Arthur Clutton-Brock
The Wild Body, by A. S. McDowall
The Childermass, by Alan Clutton-Brock
The Apes of God, by Orlo Williams
Hitler and his Movement, by Harold Stannard
Red Men in London, by Geoffrey West
The Price of Singularity, by Julian Symons
The Defeat of Optimism, by Julian Symons
Figures of Allegory, by Julian Symons
Virginia Woolf
The Enchantment of a Mirror, by A. S. McDowall
A Novelist’s Experiment, by A. S. McDowall
Mrs. Woolf’s New Novel, by A. S. McDowall
Virginia Woolfe (Notice)
Epitaph on Virginia Woolf, by Orlo Williams
Fragments of Time, by Joan Bennett
Invitations to Bliss, by P. N. Furbank
W. H. Auden
Poetry to Disintegration, by Hugh I’Anson Fausset
The Orators, by Alan Clutton-Brock
A Dramatic Experiment, by G. Buchanan
Parnassus or F6?, by G. Buchanan
Mr. Auden’s Problems in Poetry, by Alex Glendinning
Cooling Waters, by B. S. Gates
Third Avenue Eclogue, by Alan Ross
The Laureate of Ambiguity, by Peter Porter
Marcel Proust
Art or Life? by Mme Mary Duclaux
The European Tradition, by Richard Aldington
The Development of M. Proust, by Richard Aldington
M. Marcel Proust Translated, by Cyril Falls
Tribute to Marcel Proust, by John Middleton Murry
Proust’s Last Work, by Cyril Falls
Proust by Samuel Beckett, by Alex Glendinning
Beckett on Proust, by Martin Turnell
Chronicler of the Decadence, by John Middleton Murry
Picture of a Regime in Decline, by D. W. Brogan
Proust’s Unpublished Novel, by Pamela Hansford Johnson
The Aesthetic City, by Martin Turnell
A Clear View of Combray, by Robert M. Adams
Minds, Great and Small, by Malcolm Bowie
Thomas Mann
The Magic Mountain, by Orlo Williams
A Modern Faustus, by Dr. W. von Einsiedel
German Abstractions, by Anthony Powell
The Artist and the Real World, by Erich Heller
The Story of an Artist, by Erich Heller
Mann and his Brethren, by Michael Hamburger
Mann in his Time by J. P. Stern
Rainer Maria Rilke
Rainer Maria Rilke, by T. W. Rolleston
Rainer Maria Rilke, by Alec Randall
Rilke - The Last Phase, by Alec Randall
Rainer Maria Rilke, Universal Poet with a German Tongue, by Alec Randall
A Man Out of Time and Place, by Michael Hofmann
Franz Kafka
Some German Novels, by Alec Randall
A Soul Accused, by R. D. Charques
Father and Son: Kafka’s Conflict, by Edwin Muir
Hard-Luck Story, by Anthony Powell
Parables from No Man’s Land, by Roy Pascal
An Infinity of Frustration, by R. J. Hollingdale
II. International Focus
Observations of the Octopus-Mountain, by Thom Gunn
Peach Pie and Custard: The Two Lives of Wallace Stevens, by Roy Fuller
Empire in Time and Space, by Ernst Kaiser
Modern, Triestine and True, by Anthony Burgess
Fury and Elegance, by John Bayley
Paper Tigers, by John Sturrock
Digging in Alexandria, by Henry Gifford
III. T. S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf Review . . .
By T. S. Eliot
Bruce Lyttelton Richmond
Creative Criticism
Nicolo Machiavelli, 1469-1527
Elizabeth and Essex
American Critics
By Virginia Woolf
A Talker
Books and Persons
Modern Novels
IV. A TLS Treasury
Mr. Churton Collins on Blake, by W. B. Yeats
An American on America, by Ezra Pound
The "Dada Movement", by F. S. Flint
Dowson’s Poems, by T. S. Eliot
Edward Lear, by W. H. Auden
Franz Kafka, by Hugh Walpole
Matthew Arnold, by Wyndham Lewis
A Child Asleep in its Own Life, by Wallace Stevens
How Now Red Horse? by Ezra Pound
The Lay of Wystan, by Gavin Ewart
Small Fantasia for W. B., by Seamus Heaney
Notes on Contributors
Index of Contributors and of Books and Authors Reviewed

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