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The Islamic World

The Islamic World is a collection of important and representative documents from all periods of Islamic history. From the formative years in Arabia to the confrontations with and responses to modernity, these translations indicate the continuity and development of the youngest of the world’s greatest civilizations. Included are historical, theological, philosophical, and political writings, as well as poetry and narratives, from Muslim writers in the Arab lands, Turkey, Persia, and other parts of the Islamic world. The editors have provided informative introductions to each historical period and to the individual texts, making this an enlightening and intriguing first look at Islamic civilization and tradition.

486 pages | 5-1/4 x 8 | © 1983

History: Middle Eastern History

Middle Eastern Studies

Table of Contents

I. The Formative Years 600-750
Pre-Islâmic Arabia
Thâbit: The Death of the Knight Rabia, Called Boy Longlocks
Khansâ: "A Sister’s Grief"
Ibn al-Kalbî: From The Book of Idols
Life of Muhammad
Ibn Ishâq: From Biography of the Messenger of God
Selections from the Qur’ân
Conquest and Expansion
Balâdhurî: From Opening Up of the Lands
Crisis and Compromise
Tabarî: "The Death of ’Uthmân," from The History of Prophets and Kings
Ziyâd ibn Abîhî : "Inaugural Speech"
Hasan al-Basrî: Letter to ’Umar II
II. "The Golden Age" 750-1000
Life Styles
Tanûkhî: From Ruminations and Reminiscences
Jâhiz: From "The Merits of the Turks" and Other Essays
Shâfi’î: From The Treatise
Tabarî: From The History of Prophets and Kings
Ash’arî: From The Elucidation of Islâm’s Foundation
Farâbî: From The Attainment of Happiness
Mutanabbî: Four Poems
Abbâsid Decline
Ibn Miskawaih: From The Experiences of the Nations
III. Political Fragmentation and Cultural Florescence 1000-1400
Usâma: Memoirs
The New Mysticism: Theology
Ghazâlî: From That Which Delivers From Error
The New Mysticism: Poetry
From Rûmî: Dîvân-i Shams-i Tabrîz
Ibn al-Athîr: From Great History
Juvainî: From The History of the World Conqueror
Expansion of Islâm
Ibn Batûta: From Travels
IV. The Era of the Three Empires 1400-1800
Ottoman Conquest of Constantinople
Kritovoulos: From History of Mehmed the Conqueror
The Safavid Challenge
Letters from Selîm and Ismâ’îl
Portraits of Three Monarchs
I. The Ottoman Sylaymân
Busbecq: From The Turkish Letters
II. The Mughal Akbar
Abû’l-Fazl: From The Book of Akbar
III. The Safavid ’Abbâs
Report of the Carmelite Mission
V. The Crisis of Modernization: 19th and 20th Centuries
The Plight of Islâm: Poetry
Iqbâl: From Complaint and Answer
The Plight of Islâm: Prose
Hussein: From The Stream of Days
Hussein: From The Future of Culture in Egypt
Afghânî: "Commentary on the Commentator"
Nationalism: The Case of Turkey
Atatürk: From "Speech to the Assembly, October, 1924"
Nationalism: The Case of Pakistan
From Jinnah: Presidential Address, December 1938
Speech Broadcast on Id Day, 13th November, 1939
Presidential Address, March, 1940 (?)
Reform in the Hinterland
The Mahdî: From Letters and Proclamations

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