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With the publication of the first two volumes of Clement Greenberg’s Collected Essays and Criticism, we are at last on our way to having a comprehensive edition of the most important body of art criticism produced by an American writer in this century. The two volumes now available—Perceptions and Judgments, 1939-1944 and Arrogant Purpose, 1945-1949—bring together for the first time Mr. Greenberg’s critical writings from the decade in which he emerged as the most informed and articulate champion of the New York School as well as one of our most trenchant analysts of the modern cultural scene.

Hilton Kramer | The New Criterion

Table of Contents

Editorial Note
Foreword by John O’Brian

1. Trail Blazer: Review of Williatn Sidney Mount by Bartlett Cowdrey and Hermann Warner Williams, Jr.
2. Obituary and Review of an Exhibition of Kandinsky
3. Review of Exhibitions of Edgar Degas and Richard Pousette-Dart
4. Review of an Exhibition of Morris Graves
5. Review ofan Exhibition of Dutch Painting
6. Steig’s Cartoons: Review of All Embarrassed by William Steig
7. Review of an Exhibition of Arnold Friedman
8. Review of an Exhibition of Arshile Gorky
9. Review ofExhibitions ofMondrian, Kandinsky, and Pollock; of the Annual Exhibition of the American Abstract Artists; and of the Exhibition European Artists in America
10. Review of an Exhibition of Hans Hofmann and a Reconsideration of Mondrian’s Theories
11. Review of an Exhibition of Claude Monet
12. Review of an Exhibition of Georges Rouault
13. The Missing Link: Review of An Essay on Man by Ernst Cassirer
14. Review of the Exbibition A Problem for Critics
15. The Flemish Masters: Review of The Last Flowering of the Middle Ages by Joseph van der Elst
16. On Looking at Pictures: Review of Painting and Painters by Lionello Venturi
17· Review of Marc Chagall by Lionello Venturi
18. Pictures and Prattle: Review of Abstract and Surrealist Art in America by Sidney Janis
19. Review of the Ballet Dim-Luster by Anthony Tudor
20. Review of Exhibitions of De la Fresnaye and Stuart Davis
21. Review of the Second Pepsi-Cola Annual
22. Review of the Exhibition Landscape; of Two Exhibitions of Kathe Kollwitz; and of the Oil Painting Section of the Whitney Annual
23. Review of Cezanne’s Composition by Earle Loran
24. The Storage of Art from Germany at the National Gallery, Washington
25. Review of Exhibitions ofHyman Bloom, David Smith, and Robert Motherwell
26. Review of an Exhibition of David Hare
27. Review of the Water-Color, Drawing, and Sculpture Sections of the Whitney Annual
28. The Camera’s Glass Eye: Review of an Exhibition of Edward Weston
29. Letter to the Editor of The Nation
30. "Americanism" Misplaced: Review of Preface to an American Philosophy of Art by A. Philip McMahon
31. Letter to the Editor of The Nation
32. Frontiers of Criticism: Review of Les Sandales d’Empedocle by Claude-Edmonde Magny
33. Review of Exhibitions of the American Abstract Artists, Jacques Lipchitz, and Jackson Pollock
34. What the Artist Writes About: Review of Artists on Art, edited by Robert Goldwater and Marco Treves
35. Review of Exhibitions of Paul Gauguin and Arshile Gorky
36. Review of Exhibitions of Max Beckmann and Robert De Niro
37. Review of an Exhibition of Marc Chagall
38. Review of an Exhibition of Georgia O’Keeffe
39. Review of an Exhibition of School of Paris Painters
40. Jean Dubuffet and French Existentialism
41. Henri Rousseau and Modern Art
42. The Impressionists and Proust: Review of Proust and Painting by Maurice Chernowitz
43. A Martyr to Bohemia: Review of Out of This Century by Peggy Guggenheim
44. Introduction to "The Great Wall of China" by Franz Kafka
45. Review of Thieves in the Night by Arthur Koestler
46. The Great Precursor: Review of The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, introduced by A. E. Popham
47. Review of the Pepsi-Cola Annual; the Exhibition Fourteen Americans; and the Exhibition Advancing American Art
48. Limits of Common Sense: Review of Years of Wrath by David Low
49. Review of the Whitney Annual
50. Review of an Exhibition of Pierre Bonnard, and an Obituary of Arnold Friedman
51. Review of Exhibitions ofJean Dubuffet and Jackson Pollock
52. Review of Exhibitions of Gaston Lachaise and Henry Moore
53. Review of the Exhibition Painting in France, 1939-1946
54. Review of Exhibitions of the Jane Street Group and Rufino Tamayo
55. Review of an Exhibition of Giorgio de Chirico
56. Review of the Whitney Annual and Exhibitions of Picasso and Henri Cartier-Bresson
57. Review of Exhibitions of David Smith, David Hare, and Mirko
58. Review of Exhibitions of Marc Chagall, the American Abstract Artists, the League of Present Day Artists, and Ivan Mestrovic
59. Ideal Climate for Art: Review of The Grass Roots of Art by Herbert Read
60. Review of an Exhibition of Victor Brauner
61. Review of Exhibitions of Theo Van Doesburg and Robert Motherwell
62. Review of an Exhibition of Joan Miro
63. Review of Eugene Delacroix by Charles Baudelaire
64. Pessimism for Mass Consumption: Review of An Essay on Morals by Philip Wylie
65. The Present Prospects of American Painting and Sculpture
66. Review of an Exhibition of Contemporary British Art and of the Exhibition New Provincetown ’47
67. Review of an Exhibition of Ben Shahn and of the Pepsi-Cola Annual
68. The Wellsprings of Modern Art: Review of Modern Painters by Lionello Venturi
69. Review of an Exhibition of Albert Pinkham Ryder
70. Review of The Etchings of the French Impressionists and Their Contemporaries, selected by Edward T. Chase
71. The Jewish Joke: Review of Royte Pomerantzen, edited by Immanuel Olsvanger
72. Review of Exhibitions of Hedda Sterne and Adolph Gottlieb
73. Review of Exhibitions of the Pyramid Group and Alfred Maurer
74. The Situation at the Moment
75. Review of an Exhibition of Karl Knaths and of the Whitney Annual
76. Calling All Philistines: Review of Mona Lisa’s Mustache by T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings
77. Review of Exhibitions of Worden Day, Carl Holty, and Jackson Pollock
78. Matisse, Seen Through Soviet Eyes: Review of Matisse: A Social Critique by Alexander Romm
79. Letter to the Editor of The Nation
80. Review of Exhibitions of Alberto Giacometti and Kurt Schwitters
81. Review of Exhibitions of Henri Matisse, Eugene Boudin, John Piper, and Misha Reznikoff
82. The Decline of Cubism
83. Review of an Exhibition of Mordecai Ardon Bronstein and a Discussion of the Reaction in America to Abstract Art
84. Review of an Exhibition of Arshile Gorky
85. The Crisis of the Easel Picture
86. Review of a Joint Exhibition of Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo
87. Review of an Exhibition ofWillem de Kooning
88. Irrelevance versus Irresponsibility
89. Review of The History of Impressionism by John Rewald
90. Painters’ Roundup: Review of Three Portfolios of Illustrations
91. Review of Exhibitions of Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Arnold Friedman
92. Review of Exhibitions of Le Corbusier and Robert Motherwell
93. Reply to George L. K. Morris
94. Review of an Exhibition of Pierre Bonnard
95. The Necessity of the Old Masters
96. Valery, the Litterateur in Essence: Review of Reflections of the World Today by Paul Valery
97. The State of American Writing, 1948: A Symposium
98. Review of a Special Issue of Verve on Picasso
99. Review of the Exhibition Collage
100. Review of Aesthetics and History in the Visual Arts by Bernard Berenson
101. Review of the Whitney Annual
102. Review of an Exhibition of John Marin
103. The Role of Nature in Modern Painting
104. Review of an Exhibition of Gustave Courbet
105. Review of Exhibitions ofThomas Cole and Robert Delaunay
106. Review of an Exhibition of Jean Arp
107. Review of Exhibitions of Adolph Gottlieb, Jackson Pollock, and Josef Albers
108. A Symposium: The State of American Art
109. Jean Dubuffet and "Art Brut"
110. Review of an Exhibition of Henri Matisse
111. Review of Exhibitions of Isamu Noguchi and American Paintings from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art
112. Review of an Exhibition of Picasso
113. Review of Exhibitions of Ben Nicholson and Larry Rivers
114. Review of an Exhibition of Edgar Degas
115. The Question of the Pound Award
116. Braque Spread Large
117. Review of an Exhibition of George Bellows
118. Review of Exhibitions of Adaline Kent and William Congdon
119. The New Sculpture
120. The New York Market for American Art
121. Our Period Style

Chronology to 1949

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