The Welsh Gypsies

Children of Abram Wood

Eldra and A. O. H. Jarman

The Welsh Gypsies

Eldra and A. O. H. Jarman

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228 pages | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 | © 1991
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In The Welsh Gypsies, A. O. H. Jarman and Eldra Jarman tell the story of the Abram Wood family, a tawny-skinned people speaking a language close to Hindi and Sanskrit who first arrived in Wales in the eighteenth century. Readers meet a cast of colorful characters—from Abram, who always rode a pedigree horse, to Silvaina, who insisted that her mule understood her every word, and to Harry, who emulated his idol, Dick Turpin, by riding his horse about madly. Along the way, the authors introduce readers to the folktales, sayings, remedies, food, and language of the Romani people.

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I. History and Background
II. Customs, Rules, Religion
III. The Gypsies in Wales
IV. Abram Wood
V. The Family of Abram Wood
VI. The Roberts Family
VII. The Twentieth Century
VIII. The Romani Language
IX. Folk-Tales
X. Miscellany

Bibliography and Abbreviations
Appendix A: John Roberts’s Advertising Leaflet
Appendix B: Programme of Concert at Palé Hall
Genealogical Chart: The Principal Descendants of Abram Wood
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