The Pictorial Worlds of Biological Experimentation as an Object of Art and Theory

Edited by Hannes Rickli


Edited by Hannes Rickli

Distributed for Scheidegger and Spiess

With essays by Michael Guggenheim, Vinzenz Hediger, Christoph Hoffmann, Nicola Müllerschön, Hannes Rickli, Christoph Schenker, and Yvonne Zimmermann
368 pages | 714 color plates, 404 halftones, English text in separate paperback volume | 7 x 9 1/2 | © 2011
Cloth $110.00 ISBN: 9783858813251 Published September 2011

In his work with video and audio recordings from scientific laboratories, the Swiss artist and artistic researcher Hannes Rickli pioneered the use of videograms as an artistic medium. As part of his ongoing project of collecting videograms, Rickli initiated a research program in which he worked closely with biologists and image scientists and developed a series of video installations that were first exhibited at the Helmhaus in Zurich in autumn of 2010. Complete with analytical essays from scholars and scientists, Videograms documents the video installations and their display at the museum and explores how the original material was produced in the laboratory.    

German Edition with Separate English-Language Text Supplement

Foreword: Videograms of experimentation
      Christoph Schenker

Investigations and discourses
Between lists and arena. Essays on the latency and potential of biological utility films
      Hannes Rickli
Beings with lifeworlds of their own in scientific experiments. On the investigation of “natural systems”
      Christoph Hoffmann
Using images in research
      Christoph Hoffmann
Selections. Transcript of a video installation
      Michael Guggenheim
Notes on an acoustic sociology of science
      Michael Guggenheim
Videograms, exhibition Helmhaus Zurich, 2009
      Hannes Rickli
Securing evidence for indeterminate images
      Nicola Müllerschön
Film and knowledge
On the (un-)productivity of epistemic images as sources for film historiography
      Yvonne Zimmermann
Is knowledge of life cinematic?
      Vinzenz Hediger
Experimental systems
Fruit fly
Burbot and tub gurnard
RemOs 1
African cichlid
Common mosquito
Honey bee (goal navigation)
Honey bee (sequence learning)

Videograms archive
Image captions
Research Project Spillover, Credits
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