Unlocking the Doors to the Worlds of Guaman Poma and His Nueva corónica

Edited by Rolena Adorno and Ivan Boserup

Unlocking the Doors to the Worlds of Guaman Poma and His Nueva corónica

Edited by Rolena Adorno and Ivan Boserup

Distributed for Museum Tusculanum Press

450 pages | 103 color plates, 47 halftones | 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 | © 2015
Cloth $78.00 ISBN: 9788763542708 Published March 2016 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala’s handwritten illustrated book, Nueva corónica y buen gobierno, from 1615—honored by UNESCO as a “Memory of the World” item—rewrote Andean history in accordance with his goals of reforming Spanish colonial rule in Peru. On the eve of the four-hundredth anniversary of Poma’s book, a renowned group of international scholars has been assembled to focus fresh attention on the work, its author, and its times. This volume brings together a range of established and younger scholars to explore the countless avenues of inquiry that emerge from Poma’s work, including Andean institutions and ecology, Inca governance, Spanish conquest-era history, and much more.
Erland Kolding Nielsen

Rolena Adorno

The Illustrated Contract between Guaman Poma and the Friends of Blas Valera: A Key Miccinelli Manuscript Discovered in 1998
Ivan Boserup and Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer

Manuscript Circulation, Christian Eschatology, and Political Reform: Las Casa’s Tratado de las doce dudas and Guaman Poma’s Nueva corónica
José Cárdenas Bunsen

The Environmental Contexts of Guanman Poma: Interethnic Conflict over Forest Resources and Place in Huamanga, 1540-1600
Gregory T. Cushman

Guaman Poma: Law, Land, and Legacy
Regina Harrison

A Little Known but Essential Element of Cultural Context of the Nueva corónica: Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala’s Native Sources
Jean-Philippe Husson

In Search of the Background for the Bilingualism of El primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno
Gregory Khaimovich 

What Kind of Text is Guaman Poma’s Warikza arawi?
Bruce Mannheim

Dedications and Devils: Comparing Visual Representations in Early Colonial Mesoamerican Sources and Guaman Poma’s Nueva corónica
Jesper Nielsen and Mettelise Fritz Hansen

The “Military Miracles” in the 1536 Siege of Cuzco 
Amnon Nir

Inca Kings, Queens, Captains, and Tocapus in the Manuscripts of Martín de Murúa and Guaman Poma
Juan M. Ossio A.

A Central Aspect of the Intellectual, Religious, and Artistic Context of the Nueva corónica: Lives of Saints
Audrey Prévôtel

Guaman Poma’s Sapçi in Ethnographic Vision
Frank Salomon

Guaman Poma’s Descriptions of Inca Government Agencies 
Jan Szemin’ski

Guaman Poma on Inca Hierarchy, Before and in Colonial Times
R. Tom Zuidema

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