"Truth Behind Bars"

Reflections on the Fate of the Russian Revolution

Paul Kellogg,

Paul Kellogg,

Distributed for Athabasca University Press

412 pages
Paper $41.95 ISBN: 9781771992459 Will Publish May 2020 For sale in USA only

During the Russian Revolution, the arctic settlement of Vorkuta and the site of a notorious Gulag, became a witness. First to the last stand of the Russian oppositional socialists, and second to a strike wave that sounded the death knell for the Stalinist forced labour system, overturned in 1991.

In this comprehensive volume, Kellogg uses the backdrop of Vorkuta to argue for a return to the work of Iulii Martov—a contemporary of Lenin—and his analysis of a temporary class of peasants-in-uniform produced by the Great War. Coming from the trenches, this class was impatient with democracy, and had a tendency to use force of arms to settle disputes. Kellogg aims to rethink the policies of Lenin and the Bolshevik Party and, using the revolutionaries of Vorkuta, demonstrates the extent to which principles of democratic governance failed to become integrated into the Bolsheviks’ theoretical perspectives and political practice.

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