Thinking - Resisting - Reading the Political

Current Perspectives on Politics and Communities in the Arts Vol. 2

Edited by Anneka Esch-van Kan, Stephan Packard, and Philipp Schulte

Thinking - Resisting - Reading the Political

Edited by Anneka Esch-van Kan, Stephan Packard, and Philipp Schulte

Distributed for Diaphanes

332 pages | 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 | © 2013
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9783037342176 Published March 2013 N/F/S Belgium, France & Luxembourg

Anneka Esch-van Kan, Stephan Packard, Philipp Schulte: Politics and Aesthetics: Introduction

Stephan Packard: Thinking – Introduction

Maria Muhle: From the Plebs to the Demos: Two Notions of Political Subjectification

Chantal Mouffe: Democratic Politics in the Age of Post-Fordism

Josef Früchtl: As If We Could Trust: Fiction and Aesthetics of the Political

Dieter Mersch: The Political and the Violent: On Resistances

Friedrich Balke: All in Good Time? Fiction and the Possibility of Historic Events

Jacques Rancière: Doing or Not Doing: Politics, Aesthetics, Performance

Anneka Esch-van Kan: Resisting – Introduction

Judith Butler: Ethical Ambivalence

Frank Ruda: Thinking Politics Concretely: Negation, Affirmation, and the Dialectics of Dialectics and Non-Dialectics

Simon Critchley: Is Utopianism Dead?

Jon McKenzie: Abu Ghraib and the Society of the Spectacle of the Scaffold

Anneka Esch-van Kan: "Torture Chicks" – Resistance and the Political in Coco Fusco’s "A Room of One’s Own" and "A Field Guide for Female Interrogators"

Andreas Hetzel: "Prendre la parole": Voices of Resistance in Contemporary Theory

Anneka Esch-van Kan, Philipp Schulte: Reading – Introduction

Armen Avanessian: Reading Political Theories (not) Reading: Towards a Contemporary Realism of Reference

Wim Peeters: Contesting "the Democratic Chattering of the Letter": Politics of Commentary in 20th Century Literature

Juliane Rebentisch: Realism Today: Art, Politics, and the Critique of Representation

Nikolaus Müller-Schöll: "Plus d’un rôle": Playing Together in Contemporary Dance, Theatre, and Performance

Philipp Schulte: Alternative Genealogies – Critique and Style in Contemporary Performance Art:. Xavier Le Roy and Mamoru Iriguchi

Stephen Packard: Why are Story Arcs Dark and Gritty? On the Metaphysics of Seriality in "Dexter" and Kammerer

Gabriel Rockhill: Critical Reflections on the Ontological Illusion: Rethinking the Relation between Art and Politics

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