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Tocharian and Indo-European Studies Volume 13

Tocharian and Indo-Eu­ropean Studies is the central publication for the study of two closely related languages, Tocharian A and Tocharian B. Found in many Buddhist manuscripts from central Asia, Tocharian dates back to the second half of the first millennium of the Common Era, though it was not discovered until the twentieth century. Focusing on both philological and linguistic aspects of this language, Tocharian and Indo-Eu­ropean Studies also looks at it in relationship to other Indo-European languages. 

290 pages | 6 x 8 1/4 | © 2012

Language and Linguistics: General Language and Linguistics

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Table of Contents

In memoriam Werner Winter
      Hans Henrich Hock
Werner Winter: A bibliographical note
      The Editors

Another look at three Kuci-Prākrit-Tocharian B bilinguals
      Douglas Q. Adams
Shedding light on *leuk- in Tocharian and Hittite and the wider implications of reconstructing its Indo-European morphology
      Douglas Q. Adams
Development of form and function in a case system with layers: Tocharian and Romani compared
      Gerd Carling
On a Tocharian B monastic account kept in the Otani Collection
      Ching Chao-Jung and Ogihara Hirotoshi
The evolution of finite complementation in Tocharian
      Olav Hackstein
The Tocharian s-present
      Frederik Kortlandt
Position matters: The placement of clitics in metrical texts of Tocharian B
      Melanie Malzahn
A fragment of the Bhikṣu-prātimokṣasūtra in Tocharian B
      Ogihara Hirotoshi
The Tocharian A match of the Tocharian B -ai
      Michaël Peyrot
La parfaite générosité du roi Ambara (PK NS 32)
      Georges-Jean Pinault
Einleitung zu Peter Stumpfs „Anhang II: Analysen stufentypischer Handschriften“
      Michaël Peyrot
Anhang II: Analysen stufentypischer Handschriften
      Peter Stumpf

Melanie Malzahn (ed.), Instrumenta Tocharica
      Reviewed by Doug Hitch

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