Strategic Nonviolent Power

The Science of Satyagraha

Mark A. Mattaini,

Strategic Nonviolent Power

Mark A. Mattaini,

Distributed for Athabasca University Press

320 pages
Paper $32.95 ISBN: 9781927356418 Published October 2013 For sale in USA only
Strategic Nonviolent Power proposes that the route to what Gandhi described as the “undreamt of and seemingly impossible discoveries” of nonviolent resistance is the application of rigorous science. Although not a simple science, Mattaini’s application of ecological science grounded in the science of behaviour brings exceptional power to the struggle for justice and liberation. At a time when civil resistance is actively reshaping global political realities, the science of nonviolent struggle deserves the attention of the scientific, activist, strategic, military, spiritual, and diplomatic communities, as well as the informed public.

List of Table and Figures- xi

Acknowledgements- xiii

Part One – Understanding Nonviolent Power- 1

            1. Nonviolent Power- 3

            2. Strategic Nonviolent Resistance- 19

            3. Behavioural Science Principles for Nonviolent Strategy- 47

            4. Behavioural Systems Science and Nonviolent Struggle- 64

            5. Sustaining Resistance Movements: Solidarity, Discipline, and Courage- 89

            6. Organization and Leadership in Resistance Movements- 117

Part Two- Strategic Options- 133

            7. Constructive Noncooperation- 137

            8. Nonviolent Persuasion and Protest- 167

            9. Disruptive Noncooperation- 202

            10. Resource Disruption and Retaliation- 234

            11. Toward “Undreamt of” Discoveries- 251

Notes- 269

Bibliography- 297

Index- 309

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