Cloth $28.00 ISBN: 9780974888118 Published December 2005

Sombra en plata: poemas / Shadow in Silver: Poems

A Bilingual Edition

Olivia Maciel

Sombra en plata: poemas / Shadow in Silver: Poems

Olivia Maciel

Distributed for Swan Isle Press

160 pages | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Cloth $28.00 ISBN: 9780974888118 Published December 2005
In her fourth book of poems, Mexican-born Olivia Maciel lyrically evokes another America. She writes with the critical and contemplative eye of a poet, revealing mystery and beauty in places dark and light, near and far. The richly allusive language of Sombra en plata / Shadow in Silver is a terrain at times steep, fevered, and sensual: a harmony of words scented of earth and sky. Her poems are catalysts for transformation, challenging the reader with a vision of a world where myth and the quotidian are intimately intertwined. Exploring complex and unpredictable landscapes, Maciel is both a guide and fellow traveler on a fascinating journey through memories and emotions. Maciel eloquently draws from both collective and personal histories, and this new bilingual compilation will be a pleasure to turn to again and again.
Mystery of Seasons
Let Me Go
Black Flower Flour
First It Was Pale Blue
You Come Dressed in Blue Maite
In Wind and Pearls
Oranges and Latin
Sacrifice in the Orthodxy of Religions
What is Liberty?
Laurel Leaf
Weary Voice
In His Heart’s River. . .
Ars Combinatoria
In Cempoala
The Plow’s Plowshare
Acacia Blessings
The Psalmist
The Staircase, the Arch
Circumflex Accent
Words, Earrings
Argyle Street
Imagined City
White Dove
Air Kiss
Night Moths, Vapor
Bled Dry and Noble
Honey-sweet Dizziness
In the Hour of Dreaming
Contexts and Canons
Jubilosa Errancia
Dear Fabio:
Dear Lisi:
Uninhabited Butterfly
Filiform Ogive, Water Stars
Arm of Fire
Purple Honeycomb
Artificial Sunflower
Vision, Mushrooms from Escobetilla
Three in the Morning
Three Women
Two Elderly Brothers
I Look for Flowers, Lots of Flowers
Dream Compass on Vigil
With Pursed Lips
Review Quotes
Alan E. Smith | Sirena

“Like a photograph revealed in developing solution, beneath the secret of red light, the poetic countenance of Maciel gradually appears and is configured with great clarity in her most recent book, Sombra en plata / Shadow in Silver.”

Marjorie Agosín, author of The Light of Desire

“The poetry of Olivia Maciel is profound and complex, moving and tender. It speaks to us of what poetry ought to speak: love, indifference, and nostalgia. This is poetry to read in a quiet voice and meditate upon, a distinct and distinguished voice in the poetry of the Americas.”

Elena Poniatowska

An outpouring of nature that makes us feel the true smoothness of the seasons, the colors, the fruits, the bodies. Olivia Maciel’s poetry is precise and profound, a motif of eroticism that is illuminated by the very rays of the sun spread upon each verse.”

Jorge Frisancho | ContraTiempo

 “Loaded with symbolism and allegorical content. . . . The search for what’s fleeting, the capture of elusive moments, the glance toward the point where these make contact with the solidity of the earth: all these elements reappear in the verses of Maciel with sufficient tenacity to convert them, or almost, into a complete poetics.”

Salwa Jabado | Criticas

“This faithful bilingual edition teems with sensual metaphor and arresting imagery.”

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