Singapore, ASEAN and the Cambodian Conflict 1978-1991

Ang Cheng Guan

Singapore, ASEAN and the Cambodian Conflict 1978-1991

Ang Cheng Guan

Distributed for National University of Singapore Press

192 pages | 6 x 9
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This important study of the shifting diplomatic efforts around the response to and resolution of the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia is based on the records of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, a key player in the complex diplomacy in the region at the end of the Cold War. The study provides a detailed account of the policies and decision-making of Singapore, as well as the diplomatic maneuverings of the other major parties and powers involved in the Cambodia conflict. It details one member country’s input into the process of defining and developing a collective ASEAN position, a process which was formative for future diplomatic efforts by the regional grouping. Ang makes use of a variety of sources contemporary to the period under study, as well as records which have become available post-1991. The use of detailed records from one of the Southeast Asian players is a first for the study of the region’s diplomacy. The book describes Singapore’s role and illustrate how Singapore’s management of the Cambodian issue was shaped by the fundamentals of Singapore’s foreign policy. The account also reveals the dynamics of intra-ASEAN relations, as well as ASEAN’s foreign relations in the context of the Cambodia problem.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: From the Invasion of Kampuchea to the Formation of the CGDK

Chapter 3: The Struggle for Recognition of the CGDK

Chapter 4: The Vietnamese Announced Complete Troop Withdrawal by 1990 and JIM (I)

Chapter 5: From JIM (II) to the International Conference on Cambodia

Chapter 6: The Cambodian Problem Resolved




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