Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780914868705 Published January 2008

Rapid Biological Inventories: 18

Perú: Nanay-Mazán-Arabela

Edited by Corine Vriesendorp, José A. Álvarez, Nélida Barbagelata, William S. Al

Rapid Biological Inventories: 18

Edited by Corine Vriesendorp, José A. Álvarez, Nélida Barbagelata, William S. Al

Distributed for the Field Museum of Natural History

244 pages | 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 | © 2007
Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780914868705 Published January 2008
In August of 2006 scientists conducted a rapid inventory of Nanay-Mazán-Arabela Headwaters, three watersheds in the northwestern Peruvian Amazon. This assessment, presented here in English and Spanish, collects their research on the plants and animals of the region as well as the social and cultural assets of local villages and their use and management of natural resources. The researchers propose recommendations for conservation of the region, including steps to safeguard voluntarily isolated indigenous people.


Integrantes del Equipo

Perfiles Institutionales



Resumen Ejecutivo

¿Por qué Cabeceras Nanay-Mazán-Arabela?

Láminas a Color

Objectos de Conservación


Informe Técnico

Panorama y Sitios Muestreados

Inventorio Biologico

Geología, Hidrología y Suelos

Flora y Vegetación


Anfibios y Reptiles



Inventorio Social

Communidades Humanas:

Fortelezas Sociales y Uso de Recuros


Contents for English Text


Institutional Profiles


A Report at a Glance

Why Nanay-Mazán-Arabela Headwaters?

Conservation Targets


Technical Report

Human Communities: Social Assets and Resource Use



(1)   Geología e Hidrología/Geology and Hydrology

(2)   Plantas Vasculares/Vascular Plants

(3)   Peces/Fishes

(4)   Anfibios y Reptiles/Amphibians and Reptiles

(5)   Aves/Birds

(6)   Mamíferos Grandes/Large Animals

(7)   Murciélagos/Bats

(8)   Demografía Humana/Human Demography

(9)   Fortalezas Socioculturales/Sociocultural Assets

Literatura Citada/Literature Cited

Informes Anteriores/Previous Reports

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