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The Pluralist Paradigm

Democracy and Religion in the 21st Century

As recent elections in Iran and Iraq have shown, the increasing diversity of religious practices around the world may redefine democracy as we know it—leaving many of us to wonder just how compatible religion and democracy really are. The Pluralist Paradigm explores this difficult question with essays from a variety of disciplines, including theology, philosophy, political science, sociology, and ethics. It will be an ideal reference for anyone concerned with fostering tolerance in a progressively global society.

200 pages | 6 x 9

Law and Legal Studies: General Legal Studies

Philosophy: General Philosophy

Political Science: Political and Social Theory

Religion: Religion and Society

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Table of Contents

Preface - Sondra Myers
I: Introduction
Democracy and Religion: an Overview of the Past, A Pluralist Vision for the Future - Patrice Brodeur
II-A: Democracy and Religion: In Creative Tension, Perennial Conflict, or Constructive Interaction?
Desecularization of the World - Peter Berger
Roman Catholicism in the Age of John Paul II - George Weigel
The Evangelical Upsurge - David Martin
Political Islam - Abdullahi A. an-Na’im
A Liberal Democracy and the Fate of the Earth - J. Ronald Engel
When Religion Becomes Evil - Charles Kimball
Under God? - Michael Perry
Religion, Democracy, and the "Twin Tolerations" - Alfred Stepan
II-B: Encounters Marked by Nuance and Complexity
An Islamic Democracy for Iraq? - Ian Buruma
Passage to China - Amartya Sen
More Religion, but Not the Old-Time Kind - Laurie Goodstein
Church Meets State - Mark Lilla
Religious Right, Left Meet in Middle, Clergy Aim to Show That Faith Unifies - Alan Cooperman
Reinvigorate America’s True Values - Nadine Strossen
II-C: The Wisdom of Modern Prophets
The World House (Where Do We Go from Here) - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Balancing Religious Freedom and International Law - Robert F. Drinan, S.J.
Buddhism, Asian Values, and Democracy - Dalai Lama
The Dignity of Difference - Jonathan Sacks
Grounding Democracy in Reverence for Life: A View from Judaism - Irving Greenberg
Ethics and Politics - Mohammed Arkoun
The Idea of Democratic Religious Government - Abdolkarim Souroush
II-D: The Radical Sanity of the Pluralist Paradigm
Introduction to a New America - Diana L. Eck
Radical Evil in the Lockean State: The Neglect of the Political Emotions - Martha C. Nussbaum
Exodus and Revolution - Michael Walzer
Putting on Our Democratic Armor - Cornel West
Islam and the Challenge of Democracy - Khaled Abou El Fadl
No Future Without Forgiveness - Desmond Tutu
Foundering? - Noah Feldman
Contributor Notes

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