Paper $24.95 ISBN: 9781861892171 Published April 2005 For sale in North and South America only
E-book $14.48 to $24.95 ISBN: 9781861896063 Published April 2005

A Philosophy of Boredom

Lars Svendsen

A Philosophy of Boredom

Lars Svendsen

Distributed for Reaktion Books

Translated by John Irons
192 pages | 4 3/4 x 8
Paper $24.95 ISBN: 9781861892171 Published April 2005 For sale in North and South America only
E-book $14.48 to $24.95 ISBN: 9781861896063 Published April 2005
It has been described as a "tame longing without any particular object" by Schopenhauer, "a bestial and indefinable affliction" by Dostoevsky, and "time’s invasion of your world system" by Joseph Brodsky, but still very few of us today can explain precisely what boredom is. A Philosophy of Boredom investigates one of the central preoccupations of our age as it probes the nature of boredom, how it originated, how and why it afflicts us, and why we cannot seem to overcome it by any act of will.

Lars Svendsen brings together observations from philosophy, literature, psychology, theology, and popular culture, examining boredom’s pre-Romantic manifestations in medieval torpor, philosophical musings on boredom from Pascal to Nietzsche, and modern explorations into alienation and transgression by twentieth-century artists from Beckett to Warhol. A witty and entertaining account of our dullest moments and most maddening days, A Philosophy of Boredom will appeal to anyone curious to know what lies beneath the overwhelming inertia of inactivity.
One: The Problem of Boredom
—Boredom as a Philosophical Problem
—Boredom and Modernity
—Boredom and Meaning
—Boredom, Work and Leisure
—Boredom and Death
—Typologies of Boredom
—Boredom and Novelty
Two: Stories of Boredom
Acedia: Pre-modern Boredom
—From Pascal to Nietzsche
—Romantic Boredom, form William Lovell to American Psycho
—On Boredom, Body, Technology and Transgression: Crash
—Samuel Beckett and the Impossibility of Personal Meaning
—Andy Warhol: Renouncing Personal Meaning
Three: The Phenomenology of Boredom
—On Attunement
—Ontology: The Hermeneutics of Boredom
Four: The Ethics of Boredom
—What is an I?
—Boredom and Human History
—The Experience of Boredom
—Boredom and Maturity
Review Quotes
Phil Miller | The Glasgow Herald
"An amusing, learned, and articulate philosophical study of one of humanity’s prime afflictions. . . Svendsen has a way with words, and, unlike many writers of philosophy books, is also blessed with a sly wit and a thorough knowledge of popular culture. You would be hard pressed to find a better book to make do with this year than this wonderful little one, which is, somehow, despite the desolation at its core, oddly uplifting."
Tom Hodgkinson | The New Statesman
"A good, solid practical work of philosophy, in the tradition of Aristotle’s Ethics . . . he has a light touch and a playful attitude."
Times Literary Supplement
"When an investigation into boredom is done well, as it is in A Philosophy of Boredom, it is positively gripping."
The Times

"A fascinatingly modern essay on ennui and emptiness . . . Svendsen’s thesis is so cool that boredom, linked with desire rather than need, suddenly seems like a desirable state of being in an agitated age."

Ben Macintyre | The Times Online

"Quite fascinating"-The Times Online

Harry Mount | The Daily Telegraph

"Lars Svendsen, author of A Philosophy of Boredom, is anything but boring on the subject."

Village Voice

"For a serious work of philosophy, Boredom exhibits a light touch and impressive pop-cultural range. . . . It’s not boring."

The Age
"Far from boring, this is a highly accessible and entertaining study."
Yasmine Musharbash | Australian Journal of Anthropology
"An engaging read . . . touches upon many points which indeed are central to anthropological concerns. . . . I highly recommend this book."
Carlin Romano | Philadelphia Inquirer
"Witty. . . . Unlike Scandinavian philosophers known for sterile prose styles, Svendsen combines droll dismissal of statistical research, incisive readings of boredom art . . . and etymological ponderings of the nuances among boredom. . . . You will not be bored reading him for the first time."
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