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On Asthma, Volume 1

Edited and translated by by Gerrit Bos
Moshe ben Maimon, or Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), remains one of the most celebrated rabbis in this history of Judaism; his numerous writings include philosophical and medical treatises in Arabic, two of history’s most important works on Jewish law, and, most notably, efforts to reconcile Aristotelian philosophy with biblical teaching. The Complete Medical Works, edited by Gerrit Bos of the Martin-Buber-Institut fur Judaistik at the University of Cologne, collects the entirety of Maimonides’s medical writings.

Notwithstanding its title, On Asthma is in fact a complete regimen of health, designed for the needs of a high-ranking patient whose identity is not stated. In true Galenic fashion, Maimonides stresses that a healthy lifestyle and diet are the most important preventative measures against chronic illness such as asthma. Good and bad foods are described in detail, and many recipes for beneficial dishes and drugs are included, with Maimonides adapting Galenic regimens to the needs of his Muslim patient.

Read about the Graeco-Arabic Sciences and Philosophy Series on BYU’s Middle Eastern Texts Initiative website.

350 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2001

Medical Works of Moses Maimonides


Philosophy: History and Classic Works

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Table of Contents

Series Introduction: Graeco-Arabic Sciences and Philosophy
Preface to the Complete Medical Works of Moses Maimonides
Preface to This Volume
Translator’s Introduction
Biography of Moses Maimonides
Medical training and activity
Medical works
Maqala fi al-rabw (Treatise on asthma)
Survey of the contents of the treatise On Asthma
Sigla and Abbreviations
[Author’s Introduction]
Chapter One: On the best regimen in general
Chapter Two: On the provision of rules concerning the foods to be eaten or avoided in relation to this disease
Chapter Three: On the [different] kinds of food which should be avoided or consumed, [selected] from those foods that are [readily available and] common [among us]
Chapter Four: On the composition of [different] dishes which are beneficial in this disease
Chapter Five: On the quantity of food
Chapter Six: On the times [of day] for the consumption of food
Chapter Seven: On beverages
Chapter Eight: On the [proper] regimen in connection with the air and movements of the soul
Chapter Nine: On the [proper] regimen for retention and evacuation
Chapter Ten: On the [proper] regimen regarding sleep and making, bathing, massage, and sexual intercourse
Chapter Eleven: On the provision of rules for the treatment of this disease
Chapter Twelve: On the composition of drugs necessary for every different kind of this disease, according to the scope of this treatise
Chapter Thirteen: On the provision of rules, feud in number but of great help for people in general, concerning the regimen of health and the healing of diseases; in hortatory form
Supplement: Critical comparison of the Arabic text with the Hebrew translations
Additional Discussion to the Notes

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