Cloth $49.95 ISBN: 9780842529402 Published March 2016

On This Day

The Armenian Church Synaxarion-February

Edited and Translated by Edward G. Mathews Jr.

On This Day

Edited and Translated by Edward G. Mathews Jr.

Distributed for Brigham Young University

Edited and Translated by Edward G. Mathews Jr.
304 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2015
Cloth $49.95 ISBN: 9780842529402 Published March 2016
The Armenian Church Synaxarion is a collection of saints’ lives according to the day of the year on which each saint is celebrated. Part of the great and varied Armenian liturgical tradition from the turn of the first millennium, the first Armenian Church Synaxarion represented the logical culmination of a long and steady development of what is today called the cult of the saints. This book is the second in a twelve-volume series—one for each month of the year—and is ideal for personal devotional use or as a valuable resource for anyone interested in saints.

February 1

February 2
Tryphon-Zouat-T’oros tge Rubenid

February 3
Shaghitay and Epiphanius-Adrian and Eboulos-Yimar-Step’anos

February 4
Diodore, Claudian, and Papias-Taras-Isidore-Anoub

February 5
Agatha-Inas, Rimas, and Pinnas

February 6 
Council of Ephesus-Prophet Nathan-Abraham-Bukulos-Levon II

February 7
Martyrs of Nicomedia-Vindemianus-Bassarion, Doulas, and Loukas

February 8 
Parthenios-Triphenia-Prophet Zechariah

February 9
Nicephoros-Victorinus, Victor, Nicephoros, Claudius, Diodore, Arapion, and Papius

February 10
Mariam, Martha, and Lycarios-Apostle Thaddeus

February 11

February 12

February 13

February 14
Entry of Christ into the Temple-Fausta-Auxentius

February 15
Prophet Asaph-Onesimus-Mary, Mother of God-Rest of the elder Simeon-Prophetess Anna

February 16
Apostle Jude-Twelve martyrs-Marutha

February 17

Sadoth-Alexander of Thessalonica

Nersēs and Xad-Alexander of Pamphylia

February 20
Nestorios-Abdios-Jacob, Kindios, Eutropius, and Enina

February 21
Apostle James-Theodore

Cornelius-Iazdbuzit-Installation of the Apostle Peter upon throne of Antioch 

February 23

February 24
Finding of the head of John the Bapist-Apostle Matthias-Joseph/Barsabbas

February 25
Perpetua and Felicity-Alexander of Thrace, Asclepius, James, Tarasius, and Marcellus

February 26
Cross of Varag-Susanna-Januarius and his six deacons

February 27
Eghishē-John and James-Apostle Philip-Marcion-Gregory of Narek

February 28
Charitina-John Cassian-Miraculous image of Christ

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