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Natural Quiet and Natural Darkness

The "New" Resources of the National Parks

Human-caused noise and light can threaten the ecological integrity of the natural environment and diminish our enjoyment of national parks and protected areas. This anthology presents and synthesizes important research that helps inform protection and management of natural quiet and natural darkness. Chapters address the biological, ecological, and experiential components of these increasingly valuable resources. The final chapter develops a series of principles for studying and managing natural quiet and natural darkness in national parks and related reserves.

352 pages | 6 1/4 x 9 1/4

Biological Sciences: Conservation

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments • Introduction: The New Resources of the National Parks—Robert Manning, Peter Newman, Jesse Barber, Christopher Monz, Jeffrey Hallo, and Steven Lawson • PART 1: THE ECOLOGY OF NATURAL QUIET • A Framework for Understanding Noise Impacts on Wildlife: An Urgent Conservation Priority—Clinton Francis and Jesse Barber • A Phantom Road Experiment Reveals Traffic Noise Is an Invisible Source of Habitat Degradation—Heidi Ware, Christopher McClure, Jay Carlisle, and Jesse Barber • Noise Pollution Alters Ecological Services: Enhanced Pollination and Disrupted Seed Dispersal—Clinton Francis, Nathan Kleist, Catherine Ortega, and Alexander Cruz • Anthropogenic Noise Increases Fish Mortality by Predation—Stephen Simpson, Andrew Radford, Sophie Nedelec, Maud Ferrari, Douglas Chivers, Mark McCormick, and Mark Meekan • Light and Noise Pollution Interact to Disrupt Interspecific Interactions—Taegan McMahon, Jason Rohr, and Ximena Bernal • PART 2: THE EXPERIENCE OF NATURAL QUIET • Human Responses to Simulated Motorized Noise in National Parks—David Weinzimmer, Peter Newman, Derrick Taff, Jacob Benfield, Emma Lynch, and Paul Bell • Natural Sound Facilitates Mood Recovery from Stress—Jacob Benfield, Derrick Taff, Peter Newman, and Joshua Smyth • A Program of Research to Support Management of Visitor-Caused Noise at Muir Woods National Monument—Robert Manning, Peter Newman, Kurt Fristrup, David Stack, and Ericka Pilcher • The Role of Messaging on Acceptability of Military Aircraft Sounds in Sequoia National Park—Derrick Taff, Peter Newman, Steven Lawson, Alan Bright, Lelaina Marin, Adam Gibson, and Tim Archer • Modeling and Mapping Hikers’ Exposure to Transportation Noise in Rocky Mountain National Park—Logan Park, Steve Lawson, Ken Kaliski, Peter Newman, and Adam Gibson • PART 3: THE ECOLOGY OF NATURAL DARKNESS • The Ecological Impacts of Nighttime Light Pollution: A Mechanistic Appraisal—Kevin Gaston, Jonathan Bennie, Thomas Davies, and John Hopkins • Reduced Flight-to-Light Behavior of Moth Populations Exposed to Long-Term Urban Light Pollution—Florian Altermatt and Dieter Ebert • Artificial Night Lighting Affects Dawn Song, Extra-Pair Siring Success, and Lay Date in Songbirds—Bart Kempenaers, Pernilla Borgstroem, Peter Loes, Emmi Schlicht, and Mihai Valcu • Artificial Light Puts Ecosystem Services of Frugivorous Bats at Risk—Daniel Lewanzik and Christian Voigt • Light Pollution Is Associated with Earlier Tree Budburst across the United Kingdom—Richard ffrench-Constant, Robin Somers-Yeates, Jonathan Bennie, Theodoros Economou, David Hodgson, Adrian Spalding, and Peter McGregor • PART 4: THE EXPERIENCE OF NATURAL DARKNESS • Preserving Pristine Night Skies in National Parks and the Wilderness Ethic—Dan Duriscoe • A System-Wide Assessment of Night Resources and Night Recreation in the U.S. National Parks—Brandi Smith and Jeffrey Hallo • Indicators and Standards of Quality for Viewing the Night Sky in the National Parks—Robert Manning, Ellen Rovelstad, Chadwick Moore, Jeffrey Hallo, and Brandi Smith • Visitor Evaluation of Night Sky Interpretation—Britton Mace and Jocelyn McDaniel • “Astronomical Tourism—Fredrick Collison and Kevin Poe • CONCLUSION: Principles of Studying and Managing Natural Quiet and Natural Darkness in the National Parks—Robert Manning, Peter Newman, Jesse Barber, Christopher Monz, Jeffrey Hallo, and Steven Lawson • References • Index

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