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Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast

Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast is a field guide for identifying the tracks of mammal species native to the region which extends from New England, New York, and Pennsylvania to eastern Canada. Simple to use and light and easy to carry in the field, the book contains the most important information that a tracker will need—including life-size illustrations of tracks and scat, gait patterns, trail width, species habitat, food sources, scat and urine information, breeding seasons, range maps, and special tracking tips for all thirty-seven species. A unique dichotomous key devised by the author allows trackers to identify even the most confusing track through a process of elimination. The charming, highly detailed, and to-scale pencil illustrations are indispensable aids to accurate identification. Mammal Tracks and Sign of the Northeast is an artistic and accurately rendered guide suitable for professional trackers, naturalists and wildlife professionals, outdoor educators, hunters, and amateurs alike.

152 pages | 6 x 9

Earth Sciences: General Earth Sciences

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements ix Introduction 1 Method of Deivising the Key and Manual 3 Using the Key 4 Definitions of Terms 5 Gaits and Corresponding Track Patterns 7 A Key to the Mammal Tracks of the Northeast 11 Compression Shapes 15 MAMMALS OF THE NORTHEAST FAMILYSPECIES DidelphidaeVirginia Opossum 18 SoricidaeShrews 20 LeporidaeCottontail, Eastern and New England 22 Snowshoe Hare 24 SciuridaeEastern Chipmunk 26 Woodchuck 28 Gray Squirrel 30 Red Squirrel 32 Flying Squirrel, Northern and Southern 34 CastoridaeBeaver 36 MuridaeDeer Mouse and White-Footed Mouse 40 Voles 42 Muskrat 44 MurinaeNorway Rat 46 ZapodidaeMeadow Jumping Mouse and Woodland Jumping Mouse 48 ErethizontidaePorcupine 50 CanidaeDomestic Dog 52 Gray Wolf 54 Coyote 58 Red Fox 60 Gray Fox 64 UrsidaeBlack Bear 66 ProcyonidaeRaccoon 70 MustelidaeWeasels, Long-tailed, Short-tailed, and Least 72 Mink 74 Marten 76 Fisher 80 River Otter 82 MephitidaeStriped Skunk86 FelidaeHousecat 88 Bobcat 90 Lynx 92 Mountain Lion 96 CervidaeWhite-Tailed Deer 100 Elk or Wapiti 104 Moose 106 Comparison Pages 109 Breeding Seasons in the Northeast 128 Notes 131 Bibliography 133 Index 135

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